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An overview of the most modern and safe methods of contraception

Contraception – a set of methods and tools to prevent pregnancy at a certain stage in time. Contraception improves every year, and choose one of them without the help of a specialist is difficult. Modern contraception affects both men and women, although most commonly used contraceptive for women, it is easier to prevent the penetration of sperm to the egg than to try to stop their education. So what method of contraception is the most effective, how to make the right choice?


Quick facts

At all times the most reliable and trouble-free way of protection from conception, it was solid women's "No"! Does this method of contraception today, but we should not ignore the intimate life only because of the fear of pregnancy is enough to pick up individually contraceptives and enjoy all the pleasures of sex.

What first of all pay attention when choosing methods of contraception:

  • Contraceptive effectiveness.
  • Harmlessness.
  • The ease of use.
  • Guarantee the recovery of fertility after discontinuation.
  • Cost.

Do not think that female and male contraception was invented in the 21st century, the history of the various methods rooted in antiquity. Even in the treatises of Pedany Dioscorides (1st century ad), Greek military physician and author of De Materia Medica found mention of the root of Dioscorea (Mandrake), which was used by the Mayans, Incas and Aztecs, and which use modern pharmacologists still a number of oral hormonal contraceptives.

All the ways are good in their own way

A huge step in creating tools to protect from unwanted pregnancy, was made in the 20th century. Hormonal methods of contraception became popular after 1929, when they discovered the sex hormones – estrogen and progesterone. But the very first oral contraceptive, allowed in practice, was Enovid in 1960, containing 15 mg was norethynodrel and 0.15 mg mestranola. The drug of the first generation appeared many do not like, as it caused many unwanted side effects due to the high content of hormones. This fact has generated a lot of rumors about the excessive "harm" hormonal contraceptives, although contraceptive latest generation contain a minimal amount of hormones and have few side effects.

Of course, a brief overview of all known modern methods of contraception will not give full confidence and feelings of protection, it is important not only to study each, but also to understand which tools will be most appropriate. In additionphysiological characteristics of the organism, there are aspects of life, a stable relationship may provide other types of contraception, while casual sexual relationships, each person is responsible for his own safety.

The opinions of experts

What are the modern methods of contraception, how to use them and how each of them work? Details on all of these issues can only answer the doctor, and he will help you assess the risks of application of a method. It is important to remember that this takes into account time elapsed from random (without protection) sexual intercourse, presence of diseases not only of sexuality and much more. You should not consider contraception something unimportant, optional, applicable from case to case.

All methods of contraception are divided into:

  • Barrier.

The traditional means that are popular in the last century. But over the past 30 years in their place came a more modern and safe methods, and their use began to decline. Although, according to many experts, it happened unfairly, as more modern tools are a lot of complications and have a lot of contraindications. In this regard, it is necessary to improve barrier methods and return them in order."

The principle of operation is based on prevention of ingress of sperm in the cervical mucus, the analysis of the effects on the body we can note the following points:

  1. Local impacts do not contribute to systemic changes in the body.
  2. A minimum of side effects.
  3. A small percentage of protection from STDs.
  4. Does not require the involvement of highly qualified medical staff.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, but requires sexual partners to certain inconvenience or risk. Despite this, they continue to use everywhere, but experts still advise to pay attention to more modern and reliable methods, which have a higher degree of protection from unwanted conception.

  • Intrauterine devices (IUD) contraception.

The first time I heard about her at the beginning of the 20th century, but then the Navy was quite similar to the modern and poorly defended women. And only after the 60-ies of the last century, the Navy is firmly established in life and has become very popular. Currently, there are over 50 varieties of intrauterine devices, which differ in mass parameters. Considered an excellent method of contraception, however, in some cases, their use is strictly contraindicated. An advantage can be considered long – term use- 5-10 years, and the effectiveness is assessed as 91-98 %.

  • Hormonal contraceptives.

Are the best based on efficiency (100 %), butadhering to all rules of application and lack of pass receiving OK. In addition, before the appointment it is important to know whether the state of health and age (after 40 impossible) hormonal means. Self-nominations, and the use of OK from time to time is unacceptable, this can lead to serious failure in the hormonal system.

  • Post-coital contraception.

Cannot be recommended for use as an ongoing method, as it is regarded as a means of "first aid" in emergency situations. Shock doses of hormones make serious problems in the work of the reproductive system in women (the development of ovarian dysfunction). The most famous post-coital means – Postinor, Danazol, Mifepriston (Antiprogestin Ru-486).

  • Sterilization

Method is completely voluntary, based on surgical intervention (dskh) in men and women. In addition to the 100% result of protection it is economical and safe. However irreversible, restore reproductive function after sterilization is impossible. Standard conditions of performance – the presence of the family at least 2 children and the age of 35 years. To conduct dskh the patient signs the form personally.

Used "feminine" methods:

  1. M-d Pomeroy is having.
  2. M-d Pritchard.
  3. Fimbriectomy.
  4. Clip Filesi.
  5. Electrocoagulation.
  6. Excision of the fallopian tube.

The choice of method is carried out by the doctor according to the patient's medical history and taking into account all analyses and other related diseases. During sterilization should be taken into account and the possibility of long-term complications – ectopic pregnancy, while the rate of "contraceptive failure" is estimated at 0-0.8 %.

For men the methodology of the dskh is somewhat different. A vasectomy involves blocking the patency of sperm in seminiferous ducts. This is the most simple, inexpensive and reliable method of male contraception. Most men are afraid that vasectomy affects the potency, the experts at the expense of comfort: the ability to sexual life is not lost, only disturbed the function of the fertile sperm.

Implants and injections

Separate modern methods can be considered as Depo-provera or injectable progestogen contraceptive. This is a long-acting drug with a high degree of efficiency, which comes a day after the injection. The mechanism of action of Depo-provera are similar to traditional progestin OK, but experts identify the exceptional advantages of injectable contraceptives:

  1. A high percentage of the effectiveness of the method.
  2. No estrogen-dependent complications.
  3. The method is simple to use.
  4. Allowed injections to the breast-feeding period.

In addition, most of the women notes that there are nice advantages:menstruation become less abundant and less painful, no PMS and iron deficiency anemia, the risk of developing endometrial cancer is reduced, etc.

A number of shortcomings still inherent in injecting drugs prolonged action, therefore self-appointed, Depo-provera is excluded.

Progestin implant for PC introduction. The method is based on the use of the contraceptive Norplant, which consists of 6 elasticity capsules that contain the progestogen levonorgestrel. Capsules are inserted into the skin and provide long-term contraceptive effect for up to 5 years. Currently being developed new types of implant contraceptives, including the effect of resorption (biodegradable capsules) that do not need to delete after the allotted time.

Which contraceptives are most effective? What gives a woman confidence in 100% protection from pregnancy? The choice of method is carried out independently, but in consultation with a specialist. It is impossible to say which method of contraception is the best, each of them unique in its own way, but to act surely, you need to choose your method, then you can be sure that love life will not be presented with unexpected surprises.