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What to do if the condom broke, and than it threatens

Barrier contraception, which include condoms, are quite common for many reasons. It is important that a condom during sexual intercourse protects from unwanted pregnancy and different sexually transmitted infections. At the same time, many couples remember not knowing what to do when the condom broke, but this happens during sex often. Today we will discuss the pressing issue for many: let's talk about what to do if the condom broke. Specifically point out a situation when during sexual act condom may break and how to understand it.

порванный презерватив

Why is this happening

Causes of rupture of the condom:

  • Use during sex poor quality and expired condoms. Manufacturing defect becomes the cause of rupture in 2% of cases.
  • The long duration of intercourse, with the result that, as a rule, the natural lubricant is not enough, and a condom may break or come off.
  • Use during sex poor quality lubricants based on petroleum jelly and fat, which contributes to damage latex condoms.
  • Improper use of: inside of a condom may remain in the air, and during intercourse the condom just burst.
  • Particularly fearful to wear two condoms – psychologically may help, but in practice, absolutely not.
  • And of course, condoms – products disposable! Otherwise the manufacturer for quality is not responding.
  • Rough opening the package of the condom can cause damage.
  • The discrepancy between the size of the penis and the condom is for the large size of the penis.
  • The use of different sex toys that can damage a condom.

How to determine the integrity of the condom?

If a broken condom is not immediately visible. In any case, it is advisable to purchase the habit of checking the condom for defects before you throw it out and know what to do in such a situation. So you can just take measures to prevent a possible pregnancy and infection. During sex you can hear the soft cotton is so eager to get a condom, if the inside was air. Often a couple can notice the tear condom accidentally or not to see it.

If the condom broke, the first thing to do is to calm down and not to panic. You need a cool head to try to solve the issue without consequences for their own health.
What can we expect if the condom broke:

  1. Unwanted pregnancy.
  2. Infection infections that are transmitted sexually. This includes HIV.

All these actions should be performed as soon as possiblepreferably within 10-15 minutes. Prevention of infection in the body at the ends, now only remain to be tested in a month or two for control. The underlying infection that should be examined – gonorrhea, syphilis, Trichomonas, chlamydia and Ureaplasma, human papilloma virus and herpes virus. Don't forget to include hepatitis and HIV. To prevent pregnancy act on.

  • Within 24-72 hours you have the opportunity to take hormonal pill, guarantee of preventing pregnancy is 98 %. This "Escape" – you need to drink one pill within 72 hours, Postinor – used two tablets, one every 12 hours. "Ginepreto," "Mifepristone," "Agest" – new tools for emergency contraception, have fewer side symptoms and contraindications. Taking any drugs is preferably carried out on the recommendation and under the supervision of a physician, from complications nobody is insured.

You can also use regular birth control pills, but just need to drink four of them, seeing the doctor is necessary.

  • You can put an intrauterine device, but this is purely a medical manipulation, which requires certain skills and abilities.

It should be mentioned that the risk of pregnancy is much lower if you use a condom with spermicide. Be careful, as this Supplement may cause itching, burning and discomfort of both sexual partners.
Important! You must be aware that use of these drugs may have adverse effects on the fetus if pregnancy occurs.
Now you know all about what to do and how to be if the condom broke during intimacy. Of course, it is easier to prevent disease than to treat them. So you should still carry out the activities described above, at least you will be assured that everything possible was done. However, flirting once again with a stranger, carefully consider whether this "headache" to you. May health and peace still more important than the adrenaline rush you are hunting. Don't forget, one random unprotected sexual intercourse may take your whole life away, because HIV is so easy to transfer to another!