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The types and sizes of Durex condoms prices and reviews

The Durex condoms are manufactured to the British trademark contraceptives, was in the early 20th century. The first factory to manufacture condoms, the company launched in 1932, with the primary method of production used up to the present time, is dipping the workpiece in a solution of natural latex. Production is constantly being improved, and currently, Durex is the global leader for the production and export of contraceptives. 17 factories in 8 countries produce about 2 million pieces daily. The range of Durex periodically updated with interesting and bold decisions.

Презервативы компании Дюрекс

Who invented the condom

According to historians, the subject of "special function" associated with the name of the doctor Charles condom, made king Henry a condom from the intestinal mucosa of the sheep. Although some artifacts prove that it is an intimate device was used before our era. In France, in the cave Grotte des Combarelles, it was discovered the image of the object, reminiscent of a condom.

More frequent story about the condom falls on the Renaissance, the start time of the epidemic of syphilis. The disease in that period was more aggressive and could devastate the entire region. For the first time mentioned the condom in his work, the Italian doctor Gabriel Fallope. To protect against the "French disease" he proposed that the case of linen, treated with a special solution, and then dried. According to the author, the device was tested on more than 1000 volunteers, and of this group no one was infected. The publication of the treatise Fallopia gave rise to mass use of the first contraceptive is made at the time of the mucous membranes of the intestines and bladders of animals.

The recognition of the condom did not happen immediately. Historical facts note the moments when he prohibited their use for religious and even medical reasons. But neither harsh criticism nor attempts to ban the use, nothing prevented the successful sale of condoms. Condoms can be purchased in drugstores, taverns, bazaars, and even in the hairdressers. It should be noted that the condom of the 18th century were expensive and not entirely reliable (sometimes dropping and lunging).

19th century – the period of active propaganda of contraception. In America about 50 years practiced guest lectures on physiology and safe sex. After the speech of the lecturer condoms actively sold. Accumulated experience of their application and extended reviews. This kind of education, gradually formed a sexual culture, and as a result, the condom has become an indispensable item for sexually active people. Existing types of these products amazeimagination, and this is an undoubted merit of the manufacturer, whose work is aimed at the consumer.

  1. Classic – the classic version of latex condoms, transparent, and odorless products. Covered with grease and have an optimum diameter: 56 mm, length 20 cm
  2. Elite – ultra-thin with good lubrication to increase sensitivity. Have a smooth surface with a thickness of 0.065 mm.
  3. Extra safe – with 0.08 mm thickness for greater security and reliability. Especially dense and durable.
  4. Long play – option to increase the duration of sexual intercourse. The inside of the condom coated with a special lubricant that extends the process of lovemaking. Dimensions – 56 mm/19 cm used With caution, if you have a tendency to allergic reactions.
  5. Dual extase – special design, intended for simultaneous obtaining of orgasm. Inner side is covered with anesthetic, outer –bumps and ribs. Help to accelerate the achievement of pleasure a woman.
  6. Frutti mix condoms with a pleasant fruity taste (strawberry, banana, Apple and orange). Available in different colors: red, yellow, orange. Length – 22 cm, width – 57 mm.
  7. Pleasuremax – embossed to have a texture and ribbed-point surface for a maximum stimulation of the female partner. The arrangement of the ribs at the base of the condom to further massage the clitoris. Dimensions – 56 mm/19.5 cm
  8. RealFeel is the latest generation of condoms, superthin – 0.06 mm. Allow to feel the partner. This new product is being sold successfully and has excellent reviews about the quality.
  9. Sensation – covered in convex dots, add new sensations and indescribable pleasure and delight. Length 53/18 see
  10. Durex XXL – custom product size length of 22 cm and a width of 57 mm. Comfort and convenience.

The Durex condoms Packed in 12 PCs and 3 PCs in a carton. The price of a large package to 850 rubles. Price a little – from 190 rubles.

The cost in rubles

Classic 12


Elite 3


XXL 12


RealFeel 3


Tip for male

These types of condoms are considered to be men's accessory, although there are female versions. They do not enjoy popularity, as have a number of disadvantages in use.

The condom for men is packaged in a collapsed form, worn on the head of the penis, which is erect state, then deployed. In order to avoid spilling of sperm the tip slightly lowered. The used condom before throwing carefully associated to the node orwrapped in paper. Size condom is selected based on the physiological characteristics of men. The range contains non-standard Durex XXL size. Remember, the use of a condom of the wrong size can result an unpleasant surprise, in the best case – this is an unplanned conception.

Interesting facts, non-standard solutions of safe sex:

  • Did you know that the University of Canada invented the condom of invisibility? It is a kind of gel that hardens vaginal administration with increasing temperature. Empirically, it was proven effective inactivation of gel AIDS virus and herpes. Innovative contraceptive while clinically tested.
  • Scientists invented the condom, treated with a special power generating solution that allows you to maintain an erection.
  • German scientist Jan Krause invented the condom in the form of an aerosol, instantly solidifying and coming into the outlines of the penis. This is an interesting decision has not yet been received.
  • In Buenos Aires in honor of the world day of fight against AIDS in 2005, the city, the obelisk was dressed in a pink condom.

Promotion of condoms and sexual education of the population significantly reduces the risk of infection with diseases transmitted through sexual contact, including AIDS. The use of condom as a contraceptive – the perfect remedy for unwanted conception. Durex condoms not only meet all the requirements of safe contraceptive, but also greatly diversify your sexual life with unforgettable experience.



Of all brands of condoms, select Durex. Why? Very decent quality and a great range. Economical large packages.


Birth control pills I was forbidden to take the doctor, so as a safety means use a condom. Settled on the brand Durex, which is markedly different in its quality from other brands.