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The types of condoms Konteks (Contex) with prices and reviews

Condoms Contex is one of the most popular brands on the market of modern contraception. These products have won an excellent reputation and positive customer reviews. Let us consider in more detail the features and products of the company Konteks.


Brief characteristics

The condom brand Konteks produce in a large enterprise located in Thailand. The plant engaged in production of products, has extensive scientific and research base. For the manufacture of contraceptives Konteks exclusively uses advanced modern techniques and high quality materials.

This product is very popular in the consumer market in the world. This is evidenced by the scale of production. So, according to statistics, during the year produces about a billion condoms brand Konteks. Various types, colors, sizes and price latex products provide customers the best possible choice of contraception, is extremely relevant to their needs and individual needs.

Different types of condoms brands Konteks involve the use of different materials, surfaces and structural compositions of lubricants. Thus, the manufacturer offers a fairly wide range, focused on different age groups. So, the older generation prefer the classic products with very thin and smooth structure. While the youth enjoyed experimenting with colors, aromas and textured surfaces protective products.

Types of products

Other types

Condoms Contex under the name of Hussar with the average price of 500 rubles. include the following types of contraceptives:

  1. Prolonged — treated with a special antiseptic to decrease sensitivity of the penis and very long, sensual, intimate contact.
  2. Black — made of high quality latex black color for much diversity and new experiences.
  3. Dotted with textured surface, giving the effect of increased stimulation and pleasure.
  4. Ribbed — products with a embossed surface, increasing sensitivity and providing additional stimulation of the vaginal walls.
  5. Scented articles scented and the taste of grease, to give the relationship a special charm and romance.
  6. Classic — quality and reliable means of protection against unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Fine and smooth surface structure of the product will provide an extremely comfortableoperation, without any discomfort.

Colored condom, Contex Colour will appeal to fans of all new, fresh, original and unusual. Bright shades of latex products and the cost of 750 rubles. will give the partners an unforgettable experience, making intimate contact more sensual and memorable.

According to customer feedback, with protection against unwanted pregnancies and nasty diseases condoms under the name of Contex to cope at 100 %, to provide a reliable and quality protection. Packaging Contex, which includes 3 or 12 products that can be purchased in pharmacies or supermarket. Prices for this type of contraceptives — it is loyal and democratic.


Vladimir Markov, 28 years

My wife recently intimacy not afforded much pleasure: dulled the thrill, and maybe, raising twins also played a role. Want to add some fun to the thrill of contact have used colored condoms Contex of the company. Bright colors affect us exciting, gave us some of the highlights added in our relationship sensuality.

Aleksandr Ivanov, 35 years:

I love the great diversity in intimate relationships, but for protection. Use condoms brand Konteks, different types. I especially like the Contex Glowing that it glows in the dark. And flavored and ribbed types of really like my partner. Each of our sexual intercourse is something extraordinary and unforgettable.

Yuri Garshin, 45 years

I have a large penis size, so find a condom decent size – big problem. But with the advent of Contex XXL all problems were resolved. Making love, now not worried in the most piquant moment the condom will come off.