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A detailed overview of the features and advantages of Russian condoms

Russian condoms are currently gaining more and more popularity. And an important role was played by the ban on the importation of goods from certain countries. Therefore, it would be useful to understand the quality, advantages and disadvantages. And also try to understand whether the domestic goods to replace imports and whether they constitute, them worthy competition.

Where do

Domestic brands of condoms are produced in two factories. One of them is located in Riyadh, the second in Armavir. It is believed that the Russian condoms includes such brands:

  • Luxe.
  • Tumbler.
  • Eros.
  • Reflex.
  • Sitabella.

Surprisingly, before these condoms were not so easy to find in drugstores, these were displaced by foreign, more popular competitors. Lately the shelves of pharmacies and stores are filled with goods of domestic production. Besides a wide choice of colors, aromas, and structures of the surfaces. There is also the presence of various lubricants on the surface of the product as well as anesthetics, is capable to prolong sexual intercourse. In this regard, it is worth noting that the ban on the import of condoms into Russia has had a positive impact on the development of domestic production and has also opened for many domestic products.

Advantages and disadvantages

The benefits of condoms domestic production are the following:

  • Quality control of supplied raw materials for the manufacture of products.
  • Observance of the production technology.
  • Quality control each lot, complying with all applicable standards.
  • Continuous improvement of technology.
  • More reasonable pricing compared to foreign brands.

To determine the quality of the products it evaluated in many ways. Consider the main ones. These include:

  • Definition of explosive volume and pressure by inflating the condom with air, with accurate removal of all readings.
  • Determination of tensile strength and elongation.
  • Determination of thickness and uniformity.
  • Dimension.
  • Testing for the presence of strains, creases and other surface changes.
  • Test holes, cracks and other violations of the integrity of the product.
  • The amount of the lubricant.
  • The definition of integrity and the integrity of the package and the presence of special labeling.

Russian goods comply with all listed above, so their efficiency is not worse than the imported. It is important to remember that often when buying foreign goods had to pay not only for the quality, as for the popular brand.

The disadvantages include possible tearing of the condom and offsetthe product during sexual intercourse. But these factors do not depend on the manufacturer, and from inappropriate storage conditions of the product and from improper use. Also a condom can reduce the sensitivity. You can fix this by individual selection, because there are special particularly delicate products which, as indicated by the manufacturer, it is absolutely not felt. Another disadvantage is the possible Allergy to latex. But the emergence of allergic reactions does not depend on the manufacturer.

It should be noted that the Russian brand of condoms behind the foreign the lack of a strong evidence base. After the latter passed a series of tests, and every word in the instructions for use is justified. But for Russian goods is a matter of time, and a ban on the importation of articles of foreign production will only increase quality.

The cost

It is no secret that buying condoms is straightforward. You can find them in every pharmacy and even in many stores. And now, given the ban, Russian brands of condoms are sold everywhere, displacing the previously popular method of contraception.

When choosing a condom it is necessary to ask about the conditions of their storage. After all, any external physical impact may compromise the integrity of the product, including can lose its elasticity. And this leads to deterioration of the condom.

The table shows the main representatives and their price.

Name Price, RUB.
Luxe No. 1 150
Tumbler, number 3 15
Eros, No. 1 4
Reflex, no. 3 72
Sitabella, No. 1 70

Russian brands of condoms are characterized by a wide range of prices and varied types (flavored, grooved, colored, etc.). This allows you to choose the most suitable option for the price, and will help to diversify intimate life. As you can see, Russian producers can compete with products from abroad. So we can say that the ban on the import of foreign goods had a good influence on the development of domestic production of condoms and opened for many high-quality Russian goods.