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Varieties and the use of condoms with anesthetic (with reviews)

Condoms with anesthetic are the most efficient and effective means of contributing to the extension of sexual intercourse and obtaining the most complete sensual pleasure. Using this type of contraceptives indispensable in the case that the man suffers from premature ejaculation or has a heightened sensitivity of the penis.


Brief characteristics

Contraception with the use of anesthetic are made from high quality latex, the inner surface of which is treated with a solution of lidocaine or benzocaine. The anesthetic affects the glans penis and the adjacent area. As a result, due to its influence, decreases the sensitivity of the penis head, whereby the duration of an intimate act is greatly prolonged, and the probability of premature ejaculation comes down to minimum performance. Latex articles treated with anesthetic, appeared on the pharmaceutical market for a long time and gained positive customer feedback.

However, the use of articles with the anesthetic also have disadvantages and weaknesses. In that case, if a man has high sensitivity and prone to allergic reactions, when using these condoms high probability of occurrence of such side effects as allergic burns and damage mucous membranes. There are very unpleasant symptoms such as swelling, itching, burning, redness of mucous membranes and skin.

In addition, consumer reviews indicate that the use of contraceptives with the anesthetic may unduly reduce the sensitivity of the penis up to the complete absence of any sensations. Thus, a sexual act turns into a tight mechanical process without the timely occurrence of ejaculation. If the anesthetic somehow gets on the outside of the condom, and then in the vaginal area, the sensitivity of women during intimate contact is also significantly reduced. In addition, it is likely that the effect of the benzocaine or lidocaine can provoke the development of thrush or the appearance of adverse reactions of allergic nature.

Experts agree that the use of contraceptives with the anesthetic preferably in that case, if the young man is too anxious (e.g., during the first intimate contact with a new partner), such as condoms, eliminating excessive sensitivity, prolong sexual intercourse.

Reviews most men that use these types of condoms, saying that the actionanesthetic occurs literally within minutes after donning latex products. Due to blocking nerve receptors, the average duration of sexual act increases by 40% and is about 10-15 minutes. However, constant use of this type of contraception is still extremely recommended.

Reasonable and safe use of condoms with anesthetic involves adherence to a few simple guidelines:

  1. To put on a condom carefully and with extreme caution, in order to exclude the probability of getting anesthetic on the exterior surface of the product.
  2. Condoms with anesthetic is not recommended for oral sex. Because in that case, if the anesthetic will be taken to the mucous membranes of the oral sheath, it can lead to loss of sensitivity, burn lesions and allergic reactions.
  3. When choosing a condom, you should prefer well-known and proven brands that have positive reviews.

Types of products

Modern pharmaceutical market offers the following types of condoms with anesthetic:

  • Konteks.
  • Durex.
  • Ganzo.
  • Hussar.

Let's consider each in more detail:

  1. Long Love condoms with anesthetic brand Konteks represent products made from high quality latex processed with a special lubricant with a content of benzocaine. This type of condom with the anesthetic effect is one of the most common and has won numerous positive reviews. The use of such contraceptives is necessary in the case if a young person suffers from a tendency to premature ejaculation and has increased sensitivity of the penis. The average price of a package containing 3 latex products, is about 180 rubles. Price package of 12 condoms — 490-500 RUB.
  2. Condoms long-play with the anesthetic of the brand Durex — quality contraceptives prolong sexual intercourse up to 15-20 minutes. Package price includes 3 latex products — 240-250 rubles. The average price of a package containing 12 condoms with anesthetic, is around 750-800 rubles. Condoms Durex Dual Extase in addition to the anesthetic, which is handled by the internal surface of the product, distinguished by the presence of ribs and a Bud with its outer side. The result is additional stimulation of the partner and increased the duration of intimate intercourse. The average package price is about 350-400 rubles.
  3. Condoms Hussar prolonged with the anesthetic is another very high-quality product of the brand Conteх. The anesthetic included in the composition of silicone grease, almost does not cause allergic reactions. However, ifperson there is increased tendency for allergies, the use of condoms with anesthetic still it is recommended to abstain. The Hussar prolonging condoms are available in packs of 3 or 12 pieces. The price of this type of contraception is from 90 to 650 rubles (depending on number of products in the packaging).
  4. Condoms Ganzo anesthetic long Love in addition to a special lubricant that reduces the sensitivity of receptors of the penis, these products also differ by a slightly increased size. The cost of packaging from three pieces – 170 rubles.

Condoms with anesthetic — a great way to prolong the sexual act and experience the long lasting sensual pleasure. This type of contraceptive is ideal if the young man is prone to premature ejaculation. But experts believe that prolonged use of such condoms should not regularly but only from time to time.


Vladimir Polevoy, 25 years:

Recently I met a girl. Great relationship, but when it came to intimacy, confused as the boy. It was over quickly. She certainly didn't show it, but was disappointed. Learned about condoms with anesthetic of prolonged action. Took Konteks. It was an unforgettable experience – I have what they loved. Now I use regularly.

Simon Trigub, 30 years:

For me it has always been difficult to find condoms large size. And then drew attention to Ganzo with anesthetic long Love that not only fit perfectly, but thanks to a special lubricant prolonged the sexual act itself. My beloved really enjoyed.

Artem Markov, 28 years

Regularly buy Hussar condoms with prolonged anesthetic. They make love very long, providing plenty of incredible sensations both yourself and partner. Price also you will be pleased.