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An overview of birth control pills for men (best of best)

Having studied the statistics of requests on the Internet, we were surprised how many people looking for information about birth control pills for men. People want to find in the trade, learn the way to use, prices, titles, variety... there's just one problem – the pill for men has not yet officially made. That is, they are developed but not yet gone beyond a scientific experiment, and in the sale they just do not meet.

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Why still there is no oral method of male contraception? Now we will explain to you what the difficulty of this method of protection. We will also tell you more about the newest development of scientists and find out whether these pills are to become the future replacement for the usual female oral contraceptives and condoms.

Dispel misconceptions

Perhaps reading the previous lines, some of you indignant: "As there is no male contraceptive pill? I read the article and heard the testimonials of people who tried the pills for yourself!". This can be explained as follows:

  1. In the US a few decades ago really released a male oral contraceptive, but they were quickly removed from production. These pills are good enough to cope with its main task and avoid unwanted pregnancy, but they had an incredible amount of side effects and was a serious threat to the health of men.
  2. Unscrupulous manufacturers of dietary supplements sometimes have positioned some of their Supplement as male contraceptives. But if you read the composition of these miracle pills, it becomes clear that it is a regular divorce (and for quite a significant price). Such false-birth control pills tend to have herbal ingredients, and no one herb or berry can't block the health of male sperm.
  3. There are drugs like Adjudin and Gamedata. They really reduce the level of male fertility. But that's not their purpose, but a side effect. In fact, these tablets are prescribed for cancer treatment and, of course, may not be used by healthy men instead of the usual and safe condoms.

What is the complexity

Why still not managed to invent an oral means of suppressing the activity of male sperm, while the female contraceptive pill has been used for over half a century?

The difficulty is that the woman enough to protect the egg from the sperm only in the days of possible conception – this helps to reduce the total amount entering the body hormone. Men don't have cycles, when the sperm become active and inactive male will have to suppress the fertility process the same amount of hormones(testosterone) is constant. Moreover, to reduce the ability to conceive requires a large dose of hormone, and it is very dangerous.

The name of the method male contraception

Brief description



Interruption of sexual intercourse

Removing a penis from woman's vagina before ejaculation.

  • Free.
  • Available for all.
  • Just.
  • Harmless.
  • Unreliable (every tenth case of removing the penis in time is not possible).
  • Can not relax during sex.
  • Does not protect against sexually transmitted infections.

A condom

Birth control product made of latex is impermeable to sperm of a material.

  • High protection against pregnancy (85-97 %).
  • Reliable protection from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.
  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable price
  • A small decrease in the sensitivity of the penis men.
  • It is not always at hand.
  • Singleness.
  • Possible Allergy to the condom material.


A surgical procedure in which cross semyaizverzhenie flows.

  • Protection from pregnancy more than 99 %.
  • Surgery is done once in a lifetime.
  • The irreversibility.
  • High price.
  • The recovery period after surgery.
  • Does not protect against sexually transmitted infections.

Theoretically, male contraceptive pill a couple of years to let the market, will have the following advantages over the methods listed:

  • The tablet will give a high degree of protection from unwanted pregnancy.
  • The tablet is easy to use – unlike female birth control pills do not need the strict schedule of taking.
  • The tablet will have a reversible result (the number and quality of sperm will return to normal if the drug to stop).
  • Tablet does not degrade the quality of the sex will not reduce the sensitivity of the penis, not worsen erection.

In addition, the manufacturer promises that the drug would not have contraindications and the price will be cheaper than female contraceptive pill. However, it is just promises, as tools not yet officially exist. To talk about whether or not it will be more effective than the usual methods of protection before.