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List of birth control pills after unprotected sex

Birth control pills taken after sexual intercourse, also called SOS quick contraception or abortion. Among professionals this method is called drug or medicinal abortion.

женщина держит таблетки

These drugs can be purchased over the counter without a prescription. This accessibility, coupled with fast action and ease of use makes birth control pills after sexual intercourse popular among girls. But whether they should drink without the doctor's recommendation, are they safe? Let's deal...

The principle of SOS-drugs

The principle of action of the contraceptive preparation based on artificial stimulation of menstruation in women. After committing unprotected intercourse, a girl needs to take a pill according to the instructions (Postinor and Evidon to drink two tablets within 72 hours after sex, Rigevidon, Diane 35 and Silest is to drink three pills).

In fact, all of these steroid contraceptives represent funds that is the main component in the concentrated hormone. Once in the woman's body, the hormone triggers the process of menstruation, resulting in uterine contraction, the ovum is flushed out of the cavity. Also blocks the production of progesterone – a female hormone that is responsible for the preservation and development of the embryo.

The benefits and hidden dangers

Of course, it is better not to bring the situation to the point that you have to use any method of pregnancy termination. If, however, unprotected sex has occurred, then drink birth control pill is the best option. At least this form of contraception is safer than surgical abortion, and here's why:

  • Right after making SOS contraceptive pill complications occur less frequently than other methods of abortion.
  • Recovery is fast (faster than after a surgical abortion).
  • The procedure of medical abortion does not require hospitalization of the woman.
  • From one course of serious changes in the hormonal system.

Despite the fact that fast the pill is considered safer compared to surgical abortion, they still are not completely harmless. Contraceptives interfere in the natural working of the body and cause stress. Furthermore, they do not give 100% guarantee of removal from the uterus of a fertilized egg. That's why after taking tablets should go to the doctor – it is important to ensure that the product has worked correctly.

  • Rigevidon.
  1. Manufacturer: Gedeon Richter, Hungary.
  2. Composition: ethinyl estradiol 0.03 mg and levonorgestrel 0.15 mg.
  3. Application: two doses of three tablets within 72 hours after unprotected intercourse.
  4. Price: from 230 RUB.
  • Escape.
  1. Manufacturer: Gedeon Richter, Hungary.
  2. Composition: levonorgestrel 1.5 mg.
  3. Form: in a pack of one tablet.
  4. Application: accepted in one piece within 72 hours after intercourse.
  5. Price: from 410 RUB

Don't forget to visit the doctor

To minimize the risk of drugs for quick abortion, be sure to see a doctor within two weeks after a mini-abortion, even if you feel well and there is no need for concern. Only a doctor can determine if everything went as it should. The fact is that pills for abortion do not give 100% result – there is a small chance that despite triggered by menstruation pregnancy will still continue to develop, the fertilized egg will not come out completely and it will remain in the uterus and provoke inflammation.

It is worth remembering that the contraceptive pill taken after intercourse is a means of emergency assistance. It is not suitable as a permanent method of contraception. It cannot be taken more than once every six months. If you drink the medication more often, there will be hormonal failure, which may subsequently become the main reason of problems with conception and carrying a child.

Remember the time

Another point: the sooner you get drunk the tablet, the more likely that it will work. Although the packaging says that it should be drink within 72 hours after unprotected sex, but not worth much pulling. It is better to take the remedy the next day, and immediately after intercourse. During the first two hours the chance of a complete washout of the fertilized cell is 94 %. 3-12 hours the probability decreases to 84 %. 24-48 hours – up to 80 %. 48 to 72 hours – 58 %.

To summarize: abortion pills in the first days after intercourse is the safest of all the allowed types of abortion. However, it is not harmless as many people think girls, and do not use it often. It is better not to bring the situation to this and take care of the appropriate means of contraception before sexual intercourse.