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The advantages and disadvantages of male sterilization (with prices and reviews)

The question of choosing a method of contraception – contraception is common among young people and Mature people. Children, of course, is good, but even better if they are unexpected, and sometimes unwelcome surprise. According to statistics, the most reliable methods of protection are sterilization and oral contraceptives – birth control. They protect from unwanted pregnancy in 99.9% of cases. All other methods give unreliable result, but have many other advantages. The article will focus on what is sterilization of men, what types of sterilization exist and their characteristics and possible consequences and complications, pros and cons of the procedure, its price.

процесс стерилизации

The essence

Sterilization – a result of surgery, hormonal or other drugs, causing the sperm not contained in the ejaculate. Some confusing sterilization with castration, but it is absolutely different concepts, as the consequences of each procedure to the body.

Differences of castration:

  1. After castration the testicles are removed, an important function of which is creation of testosterone – the male sex hormone. In the result, the castrated male body in the absence of this hormone undergoes a series of changes, after all, the amount of testosterone distinguishes men from women.
  2. Sexual function is not possible after castration – no erection and sexual desire – libido.

Sterilization for men since 1993, is officially permitted in Russia for contraception, and over the years this operation is gaining popularity and positive feedback has already undergone this procedure. If the operation is performed on man's desire – procedure paid, and how much is this method of contraception depends largely on the clinic and region, the average price is 20,000 rubles.


Let's consider the existing classification:

  1. Surgical sterilization of men.
  2. Chemical sterilization (castration).

Chemical sterilization for men in its action more like a castration. This technique is common in many countries to deal with the rapists and pedophiles. Chemical castration is even included in some jurisdictions as a punishment. Often chemical castration may be an alternative to life imprisonment in prison or even the death penalty. The essence of the method lies in the fact that periodically a man should take drugs, as a rule, high doses of female hormones. As a result, the level of testosterone falls sharply, and this leads to impotence and decreased libido. Affected by taking hormones and overall health – reducing the speedmetabolism that entails an increase in body mass, bones become brittle. Chemical castration is a reversible process, a temporary punishment. As soon as the man stops taking the pills or in the body begins to go outside testosterone, sexual function is resumed.

Let us examine the pros and cons of the procedure.


  1. This is not a temporary procedure, such as chemical sterilization, performing surgical sterilization, you will no longer have to think about methods of prevention to end of life. Small caveat: only after 1.5–2 months after surgery in the sperm when the correct technique is not to find a single sperm.
  2. The procedure takes only about 20 minutes and is performed on an outpatient basis.
  3. The seam on the scrotum after the surgery is almost invisible.
  4. Surgical sterilization does not affect General health, erection and the sensation of orgasm.
  5. You can often read that neutering leads to a certain rejuvenation of the body. In some countries it is carried out with this purpose.
  6. Sexual life is possible since man did not bother.
  7. Does not change the amount, color, consistency of sperm.
  8. Sterilization does not affect weight, General health men.


  1. You need to determine exactly how many children you want to have, because the chances of a child after sterilization small. The maximum that we can offer doctors, is the restoration of ducts in the period up to five years after surgery, although after such reconstructive surgery the chances of pregnancy are small. However, the Internet still can find reviews of "lucky".
  2. Possible complications after surgery: wound abscess, bleeding with hematoma formation. To avoid this situation, you must carefully follow the doctor's recommendations.
  3. Within a month or two after the surgery you will have to use additional methods of contraception as long as the semen has no sperm.
  4. Possible long-term effects in the form of epidymitis and orchitis. It is quite severe complications that can lead to impotence and various sexual dysfunctions. However, this is only possible, if during the operation will be randomly affected and these areas of the testicles.
  5. Also interesting is the fact that after some time the body can begin the formation of antisperm antibodies, however, their role in causing any disease is not possible.
  6. This is an expensive procedure, the price on the sterilization start at around 15,000-20,000 rubles.

Sterilization is a good alternative to other methods of contraception, especially if the man already has got a proper number of children. Chemical sterilization also has found application as an alternativeprison sentence for pedophiles and rapists. Surgical sterilization is an irreversible process, so before the operation is necessary to weigh all "for" and "against".


Michael, the doctor-androlog.

Have a large medical practice in the field of surgical sterilization of men. Over 15 years of activity in this area has not had any negative feedback from patients. A simple and reliable method of protection. Usually no complications after the surgery no subject to my recommendations. Actively promoted among couples.

Oleg, 45 years

My wife is a special woman, it is difficult to find some methods of contraception: the state of health not permitting, somewhere we have not obtained. Condoms do not enjoy love. I decided to make sterilization. It was immediately scary like something I've read a lot about this method and asked from friends. And interestingly, it turns out, two of my friends for five years as did sterilization and forgotten. No consequences and no complications were observed. I decided and did not regret it. Everything went quickly, home the same day released. And no sex change, only now we are not afraid of unplanned pregnancy – educate already four.

Vladimir, 58 years:

Write to reaffirm that sterilization is not as scary as it seems right. By coincidence, performed this operation 15 years ago. Any changes are not noticed, as always was and is. The wife is happy, so she's usually on this occasion is always worried pregnancy we had a lot of accidentally turned out as we have no birth control. It may, of course, a good surgeon I came across, but even the seam is not visible after so many years. So all I recommend.