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How to clear lungs and bronchial tubes if quit Smoking

There are many ways to quit Smoking completely, but here's how to clear lungs after Smoking, and most importantly, why it is needed, knows not everyone. The fact that Smoking is harmful, you know, the positive consequences of refusal addiction can be felt almost immediately, but a partial cleansing of the lungs will occur not earlier than in 2-4 months, and full recovery will take at least 5 years (exactly how many depends on the characteristics of the organism). That is why to quit Smoking is necessary to the bronchi and the entire respiratory system become healthy as early as possible.


A "gift" for the person

The entire respiratory system can be compared with the stove, and bronchi – tube. Inhaling the smoke and getting a dose of nicotine, the person gets together with him:

  • A huge number of pitches.
  • More than 12 thousand harmful substances.
  • Carcinogens.
  • Toxins.

All this passes through the lungs into the bronchial tubes, settle on them, accumulates in incredible amounts. "Bronchi of the smoker can be compared to a clogged chimney, which for years raked the soot.

What happens to light and why to clean them you need, even those who do not want to quit Smoking? Constant contact with the products of combustion of tobacco causes inflammation of the mucosa throughout the respiratory system. Soft mucosa gradually undergoes degeneration, and its place is taken by fibrous connective tissue. How much of this risk and after a period of time this process will become almost irreversible? If a significant part of changed mucosa, the evacuation of secretions and any harmful substances becomes difficult, they will be a serious obstacle to the normal gas exchange between oxygen and blood. The later the smoker broke up with a bad habit, the worse the lung tissue.

The organization healthy environment

To clean lungs after Smoking, you can use a lot of well-known techniques, but to start the purification is recommended with organizations around healthy environment. Until the lungs will be clean, filled with air, all the reparative process will proceed in slow motion.

Of course, you can deleted after quitting Smoking in a pure pine forest, but not everyone can afford a long holiday in the lap of nature. Therefore, we can organize an acceptable environment around him in familiar surroundings:

  1. To arrange a draft 3-4 times a day. Airing the room, you can remove the stale apartment air, positively charged ions (formed by home appliances).
  2. To obtain a sufficient number of negatively charged ions. This helpsa walk in the Park near the fountains or a simple shower twice a day.
  3. Humidifier. If the room humidity is below 25-30 %, and this detrimental effect on lung weakened by Smoking.
  4. Make it a rule: after quitting to exclude any option of dry cleaning. Wet hold 1-2 times a day and combined with aeration.
  5. If you can organize your workspace away from office equipment with the ventilation of the Cabinet every hour or two.
  • The healing procedure.

To clean lungs after quitting Smoking requires a comprehensive approach. One of the most effective methods recognized by the Russian steam bath, steam room, through the sweat glands appear all harmful substances, excess fluid and perfectly cleansed lungs. Wet steam is a good helper to those who quit Smoking, it contributes to the sputum, the lungs after coughing fan, not so much.

If a treatment is contraindicated, you can use the old-fashioned method of purification is by inhalation using a simple pots, towels and hot water. You need to cover and just steam, so, too, it is possible to clear lungs after Smoking. After several treatments, the breathing becomes better, and sputum removed all the accumulated harmful substances.

  • "Full yoga breath".

It is a special breathing exercises, which helps to clear the lungs after quitting Smoking. Using three types of respiratory movements (upper, middle and lower), you can significantly improve the ventilation of the lungs, and after a while forget about the many diseases associated with the cardiovascular system, increase resistance to colds.

  • Simulator Frolov.

It can be used to return the full strength and power of lungs. When using the period of withdrawal from cigarettes is easier and clears lungs faster. The result is based on the effect of vibropressovoe that helps to remove toxic substances from the bronchial tubes quickly.

The rebellion of the body

Many smokers expect an instant improvement in health when quitting cigarettes, but this does not happen, moreover, together with the purification of complaints arise that hurt the lungs. It is natural, the body, accustomed for years to receive "dose of nicotine, starts to rebel, a former smoker can experience the following:

  • Breathing problems.
  • Aggravation of bronchitis, tonsillitis.
  • Often colds.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Ill do light? Is not, and should not be taken literally pain, discomfort in the chest caused by the syndrome and it is necessary just to survive and begin the process of cleansing the body.

After some time we will see the first results? For the body, the absence of even onecigarettes will be positive, the smaller enters the lungs of harmful substances, the better for overall health. A complete quitting Smoking is the guarantee of restoration of the respiratory system, but hope for a quick result, still not worth it. All tips will be quite useful for passive smokers, for those who are "lucky" to have around all the time smessage cigarette person. The lungs of the passive smoker does not look much better than active, so he, too, needed cleansing!