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What are the best pills Smoking and how they operate

Is there any such tablets from Smoking, which will help to prevent the person from addiction 100 %? Today there are many tools that are designed to stop the craving for nicotine in a short time. They are all different, but United by pills is just one fact: this is not a "magic pill", and to quit Smoking, you need to make own efforts and to show remarkable patience.


What is the essence of their actions

All the pills against Smoking are designed to perform only one mission – to help people to quit Smoking! But there are special moments that divide them into two opposing camps:

  • Pills acting on physiological level.
  • Pills, addresses psychological dependence.

Ignorance of these two important aspects often leads to the fact that prolonged use of the "wrong pills" not only helps to quit Smoking, but also aggravates the habit.

Almost all smokers will one day make a promise that this cigarette is the last, but in 99% of cases again smoke and recognize that to get rid of nicotine addiction is difficult, and that takes willpower. For those who mentally could not overcome the machinations of the "king tabakko, and have created special tablets from Smoking. But which ones are the best? How to make the right choice and from what it depends? Let's try to understand in detail.

Not worth it when selection of tablets from Smoking to rely only on reviews and skillfully written ad copy. It is important to remember to quit Smoking, you need to find "the portion of tablets", which are chosen individually, considering the type of nicotine addiction.

In order to achieve complete Smoking cessation, it is necessary to consider that all tablets are divided into three groups:

  1. Nicotinanilide therapy. Preparations created on the basis of alkaloids (nicotine, cytisine).
  2. Means acting on the Central nervous system. The effects of the pills to certain parts of the brain process of disaccustoming from cigarettes becomes more easy.
  3. "Disgusting potion." This is a pill that is produced from the smoker's aversion to tobacco.

It is important to remember that the positive effects of taking pills of any group can be expected only in the case where the male or lady has decided to quit Smoking finally and mentally prepared to go through all the difficulties of withdrawal from cigarettes. In addition, it is better not to experiment and not buy all tablets from Smoking – universal, suitable for all drugs does not exist. It is desirable that the appointment was made by the doctor.

The advantage of tablet forms

What pill for Smoking cessation are most effective? Even the experts, manyyears observing their actions, will not be able to give a precise answer. And the specialists and the smokers are United in their opinion: the perfect tools to defeat the urge to smoke does not exist. The most effective means – the self-will of man! Although these argue hypnotist, sometimes get rid of addiction in just one session. But to turn to hypnosis when all the arguments are over, the intervention in the human psyche is not always fraught with positive consequences, and almost always start with the tablets from Smoking.

What arguments can be called in favor of quitting? To each their own, but the most common is the following:

  • Own health and well-being of loved ones. Particularly dangerous cigarette smoke for the elderly, asthmatics and children. Unwittingly, they passively inhale the cigarette smoke, and the x-ray image each time it is possible to observe a constantly increasing number of blackouts.
  • High risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Increase in blood pressure.
  • The formation of malignant tumors (lung cancer).
  • The emergence of chronic diseases (stomach ulcers, bronchitis).
  • Reduced vision risk of developing glaucoma.
  • The decrease in reproductive potential and low libido.

If the price of Smoking cessation does not seem very high, have a few arguments to stop Smoking for sure:

  1. 6 minutes of life. According to statistics, 1 smoked a cigarette 6 minutes, you have time to waste. These minutes add up to hours, months, years.
  2. The damage to the family budget. Cigarettes today are expensive, and the amount of lapping in a month, very impressive.
  3. The unpleasant smell. Skin, clothes, hair, smoker's are indestructible and very unpleasant smell that is impossible to score even a gallon of perfume. Home cigarette smoke deposited on the ceiling, the walls, gets into the cupboards, forming a yellowish plaque on linen and clothes.
  • Nicoll.

Pills, candy Smoking, domestic producers are issued in the form of lozenges for sucking. The over-the-counter drug, homeopathic applies to all active substances are micro-doses. Let the reception with nikotinsoderzhaschie drugs and Badami. The purpose of: reduce the craving for Smoking. In pharmacies Russia, the price from 80 to 150 rubles.

  • Bupropion.

His second name – Ziban, a new drug, but has already gained recognition. Pills are the antidepressants, you can buy them only on prescription. Using Sibana you can quit Smoking, it is intended to control the burning desire to heal and reduces the craving for Smoking soften withdrawal symptoms. The drug does not contain nicotine, noted a number of side effects, including insomnia and increasingblood pressure. The cost of one tablet from 32 rubles.

  • Lobeline.

Exists in two formulations: drops and tablets. The reception alone is undesirable, the rate and dose of Lobeline should be prescribed by a doctor. In order to achieve complete Smoking cessation, you need to start with a high dose, reducing it gradually, which will last a few weeks, so the smoker requires patience. Tablets are not recommended for those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, during pregnancy and lactation. If you read the reviews left by consumers, they provide information about the presence of unpleasant side effects: dizziness, weakness, increased nervous irritability and vomiting. The price of tablets from 175 rubles.

  • Cytisine.

Available in three forms (tablets, film, patches of Smoking), starting to use just after quitting tobacco. Self-nominations are excluded, the physician should select a dose individually. Usually start with a shock dose, at the beginning of the dosage above, and the multiplicity of reception – often. If you read the reviews, it may be noted that almost all who took Cytisine, noticed a decrease in urge to smoke on the 4-5th day. However, for reception of tablets from Smoking Cytisine, there are many restrictions, it cannot be used with pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract (including peptic ulcer disease), atherosclerosis, sensitivity to product components, for women is pregnancy and lactation.

  • Champix.

The drug in pill form helps to reduce the craving for Smoking. Admission is conducted strictly according to the scheme indicated by the doctor. The active ingredient is varenicline tartrate – able to block the pleasure receptors associated with nicotine. The man gradually loses the motivation to smoke, as each toke is gradually becoming unpleasant for him. Champix need to smooth the withdrawal symptoms, facilitating a period of withdrawal from cigarettes. In some cases, when the reception had adverse reactions (feeling unwell, neuropsychiatric disorders), in this case, adjust the dose or replace the drug. In any case, you need to strictly follow your doctor's instructions. The cost of packaging Champix from 1200 rubles.

Options therapeutic effect

What are the options to eliminate dependence on tobacco to choose? This question can answer only a specialist, having insufficient information about a particular tool. As a reference, anyone who wants to quit Smoking can learn about variants of therapeutic effects:

  • Nicotinanilide therapy.

This group includes the following tablets Tabex, Nicorette, Gamebase, Cytisine, Lobeline. Appoint those who have experience of Smoking more than 5 years. The active substance is nicotine or itscounterparts.

  • Antidepressants.

These pills act directly on the Central nervous system, which automatically reduces the craving for Smoking, reduce discomfort during the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. To antidepressants include tablet Brisanten, Ziban.

  • Causing an aversion to cigarette.

This group of tablets include, Champix and Bullfighting plus. As noted by the patients, these two drugs are similar in action to the people's methods of getting rid of harmful habits.

So what are the pill for Smoking cessation to take forever to get rid of harmful habits? This question is definitely not the answer even the doctor, all decisions are made strictly individually after detailed examination and anamnesis. When choosing a tablet, first of all, you need to place the emphasis first and foremost to pay attention to price, and individual characteristics. One person is difficult to cope with the arisen emotional stress (needs prozac), another is to experience a "nicotine withdrawal" (need nicotinanilide).

It is important to remember that one of a kind magic pills "from all" does not exist, quitting will not be a single person, if he doesn't have at least a small motivation to do so.

Personal and situational factors – that underlies all stories about successful quitting. No complexes of expensive pills or devices will not be able to get rid of bad habits, if he does not want to. The only solution is the basis of successful quitting tobacco, and all the tools (tablets, patches and others like them) only help to survive the withdrawal symptoms.


Roman, 35 years:

Started Smoking in the first year of the Institute, I tried to quit twice, but each time I broke and began to pitch again. Bought patches, lozenges, but they are poorly me, and affected Smoking environment and constant "working break". Seriously throw made wife said my skin began to smell bad. Went to a specialist, he prescribed Ziban. For the first time he smoked, but gradually even the smell of smoke I began to turn up. And for a year after treatment I don't touch the cigarettes even in Smoking company.

Oleg, 56 years:

What is the experience of Smoking – I do not remember, quit is not going to, but the cardiologist looking at the results of the survey, said the phrase that made me think about it. Self-only decided, but it was psychologically difficult to cope with years of habit, had bought and after 2 weeks I started to notice that even less will reach for the pack, and then began to smoke every day. Now after the course, even the smell of smoke is unpleasant to me.

Milena, 19 years old:

BeginningSmoking, stupidity, although my boyfriend and girlfriends to judge me. Gradually began to have a quarrel, I rarely have to invite in the company. I did, but there was some kind of aggression, anger and bad mood. On the recommendation of a doctor to be on the pill Smoking with the function of antidepressant. Gradually everything returned to normal, and now a cigarette wouldn't even think.