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Details about the properties of thyme and contraindications for men

For centuries folk medicine used to treat all sorts of ailments herbs. Their therapeutic properties were allowed to heal even the most critically ill patients. Unique beneficial properties of plants are widely used in modern medicine today. One of the most known medicinal herbs is thyme ‒ it's medicinal properties and healing power enjoyed great respect among the ancient healers and witch doctors. It's a plant called thyme, Bogorodskaya grass or.

цветы тимьяна

Despite its inconspicuous appearance, the thyme is extremely popular: its beneficial properties are used not only in medicine but also in cooking ‒ thyme is used as seasoning for various dishes.

Medicinal properties of thyme allow to treat many diseases in men without major medical assistance and without causing their body harm of artificial chemicals. Thyme is useful in the treatment of catarrhal and nervous diseases, various pathologies of the digestive and urogenital systems, widely known for his use and for skin diseases. But there are any contraindications to the treatment plant, can the same nutrients to harm the body? Especially this question excites a strong half of mankind – the usefulness of thyme for men and is there a risk to cause them damage men's health?


An extraordinary benefit of thyme is due to its unique chemical composition. This plant contains large amounts of essential oils (their level is about 18%), plant acids, flavonoids, thymol, tannins, carotene, ascorbic acid and vitamins of group B. In thyme include essential minerals: phosphorus, calcium, fluorine, iron, potassium and copper, selenium, molybdenum and manganese. That is due to the rich chemical composition is the use of this herb is famous all over the world. Given the medicinal properties of thyme, it is not surprising that the people who use it in food as a condiment, rarely suffer from vitamin deficiency and respiratory diseases.

Those who are planning to independently prepare the thyme, you need to know: this plant is very demanding in terms of gathering, drying and storage. Its beneficial properties thyme accumulates gradually as maturation, therefore, the collection is in the "wrong" term (before flowering), it may be completely useless. Herbalists suggest to collect thyme on the dawn they say that in this time he has a special use and healing power. Pluck sprigs of plants to be careful, only from the top, without disturbing the root system, dry best in dry, well ventilated and dark place – so the benefit remainsas possible.

When it's useful

Thyme is widely known for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and diaphoretic properties, which makes it ideal for the treatment of colds. However, the healing properties that go well beyond. Thyme is extremely useful in various pathologies of the genitourinary system in men with problems intimate sphere associated with inflammatory processes in organs of genitourinary tract. Thyme has a positive effect on all organs and systems of the body men:

  • Calms the nervous system, eliminates emotional tension and fatigue, normalizes and brings into balance the mental state, eliminates insomnia. In addition, thyme is a wonderful cure for depression.
  • The use of thyme in the seasoning or herbal teas is very effective in flatulence and dysbiosis. With regular use of this plant eliminates putrefactive and fermentation processes in the intestine, improving the digestion. Rinse decoction of thyme is also useful in stomatitis or inflammation of the gums.
  • Thyme has a strong expectorant and healing properties that has been successfully used for the treatment of cough, asthma and pneumonia. Thyme is especially useful for men who smoke suffer a long time smoker's cough.

Effect on virility

In addition, thyme is widely known as a male herb that helps in many diseases of the urogenital system in men:

  • Due to the effect on the nervous system, this plant normalizes the intimate sphere of men, because in half the cases, male impotence occurs due to prolonged stress and deep depression.
  • Due to its antibacterial properties, thyme protects the urinary ways of men from infections, thus preventing or eliminating inflammation in them. This has a positive effect on sexual function men.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect of thyme eliminates the symptoms of prostatitis and other inflammatory processes in the urogenital area men, strengthening their virility.
  • Due to the high content of biologically active substances, vitamins and micronutrients increases the potency in men and improves the quality of their sperm, which is very important in infertility.

Is there any harm?

A positive effect of thyme on the sexual sphere of men proven by science and there is no doubt. However, we can often hear the warning that it can damage the male body and that, despite all the beneficial properties of the herb, there are contraindications for its reception. In response we can say – Yes, contra is, and this is not surprising, because the plant contains many biologically active substances. Itonly indicates that even the most useful drug should be taken only after consulting a doctor. Speaking about the contraindications to the thyme, it is necessary to say the following:

  1. Very carefully it should take it to the people who are prone to allergic reactions that can trigger essential oil, in excess contained in the plant.
  2. Not recommended intake of the herb for people suffering from cardiac arrhythmias.
  3. Thyme can be a dangerous disease of the thyroid gland or kidneys is contained in the plant substances can aggravate the course of diseases.
  4. Completely eliminated the use of decoctions and infusions of thyme with peptic ulcer stomach or 12-duodenum because of the risk of open internal bleeding.

As you can see, the use of thyme for men's health is undeniable. However, even if the plant and, at first glance, innocuous means for the maintenance of health and treatment need to be sure that they will not bring harm. The best way to protect yourself from the risk of medical advice. This will protect you from unnecessary problems and allow you to start treatment with a light heart. Be healthy!