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Benefits of ginger for potency in men: an overview of useful properties and recipes

Many people know ginger as a seasoning, but use in cooking, its healing properties since ancient times used in medicine, including to increase potency. Ginger for men, its benefits, how to use, contraindications, harm from abuse of spicy root are all in our article.

разрезанный корень Zingiberaceae

Overseas doctor

The plant grows abundantly in Southeast Asia, China, and India. From there in the XVI century and was brought outlandish root. The most valuable part – the rhizome. It has a spicy smell, burning taste. For therapeutic purposes, used both fresh and dried root. The process of harvesting and drying are intended to maximally preserve the useful properties.

In some countries, ginger was once considered a panacea, including recommended to use it to increase potency in men. Actively used the therapeutic properties to improve appetite, eliminate diseases of the respiratory tract, it was considered that it is useful to strengthen the body as a whole. Pickled ginger is traditionally served not in vain in Japan for raw fish, its good in that it kills parasites.

How useful miracle rhizome?

Here are the main positive effects that occur if you consume ginger:

  • Antitumor effect. Such components of essential oils like gingerol, shogaol that can protect the body from cancer. According to scientists, these substances inhibit the growth of tumor cells in prostate cancer in men, does not damage healthy tissue.
  • Bronchodilator. It is useful for those who suffer from asthma because bronchospasm resolves. The beneficial properties of plants help fight colds.
  • Antiseptic. This activity is determined such therapeutic components, such as citral, cineol, gingerol.
  • Tonic. The composition of the root contains amino acids, b vitamins, vitamin C, trace elements. So, it is useful for the immunity, has a positive effect on overall health.
  • The increased potency. Ginger for men is a great tool for the prevention of many ailments from impotence to cancer. A wonderful root – source that fills the male body force. It contains useful trace elements involved in the synthesis of male hormones responsible for sperm production, essential amino acids, vitamins with antioxidant activity, substances that accelerate the metabolism and blood circulation in the prostate.

Useful components that determine the medicinal properties and their quantity:

Vitamins Minerals (daily requirement in 100 g) Macroelements (daily requirement in 100g)
1 place Niacin (50%) Iron (150%) Potassium (50%)
2nd place B6 (25%) Copper (50 %) Magnesium (50%)
3rd place B2 (10%) Zinc (25%) Calcium (10%)

How to use for treatment and prevention

Mainly use three types: fresh, dried, pickled. Most of the gingerol contains a dried root, so it is more useful. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures is harmful and bad for medicinal properties of the drink from ginger. The benefits of eating boiled or roasted rhizome is minimal.

Not to brew us some tea?

One of the simplest and most effective ways of cooking that allows you to save all useful properties is ginger tea. It is very useful for potency, strengthens the body.

Preparing tea is simple: grind the fresh root, add the lemon, pour hot water and infuse for 15-20 minutes in a closed container. Well to sweeten the drink with honey. Instead of the fresh rhizomes can be eaten dried root: the powder of the rhizome mixed with honey in the ratio 1:2, pour hot water and infuse for 15 minutes. Medicinal properties of tea increase if you add other useful herbs: thyme, lime, Melissa.

Combine with honey

Many folk recipes offer a combination of this root with honey. Here are some recipes.

  • Solid benefits for men is a mixture of powder of dried root with honey. It should be eaten on a teaspoon times a day, to dissolve in the mouth to dissolve for the prevention and treatment of disorders of potency, inflammatory diseases.
  • Another simple method of preparation of ginger with honey is the dessert: 200g of fresh root, 200 g of honey and two of lemon grind with a blender. The resulting slurry was stored in a refrigerator and is served with tea. Use with style!

Recipes often contain the instruction on the use of tinctures for potency. 100 g of kernels is poured into 300 g of vodka and infuse for two weeks, take 10 drops of tincture a day (note: the tincture contains alcohol, and therefore, can be contraindications).

You can even pickled?

Fans of Japanese cuisine sign pickled ginger. Use it is that it increases appetite, has a tonic effect on the body. Due to its antiseptic properties of pickled ginger helps fight intestinal infections. To prepare pickled ginger can be home, but you can buy in a special shop. Seasoning stored in the refrigerator. However, pickled root can cause harm, since it has an irritating effect on the gastrointestinal tract. It should be used with caution in ulcers, gastritis, gall-stone disease are all contraindications for ituse.

To treat any diseases, including erectile dysfunction in men, prostatitis, with the help of ginger root or constantly consuming it only after consulting a doctor, as there are some contraindications for its use. Otherwise, you can harm the health.

Be used with caution

To use ginger, especially pickled, undesirable for cholelithiasis, gastritis, ulcers, because it has irritating effect on the gastric mucosa. There are other contraindications for the use of ginger, such as bleeding tendency, since ginger enhances microcirculation. Long-term use of ginger can lead to insomnia, disturbance of heart rhythm. The harm from the plant may be associated with allergic reactions, individual intolerance are also contraindications.

Despite some contra-indications, ginger for men – a unique plant that is able to literally fill the body with energy not only for the whole day, but for the whole night. Talk with your doctor, and if the reception does not take harm to your health, safely include in the diet.