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Overview of therapeutic properties of galangal root for men

Erect cinquefoil (Potentilla erecta), or in common galangal, was anciently known for its exceptionally helpful medicinal properties for men. For therapeutic purposes, mainly used a decoction, tincture of rhizomes. In this part of the plant in larger quantities accumulate therapeutic ingredients. Everything You wanted to know about this plant and how to use it for getting rid of diseases in our article.

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What a miracle-and the root where it grows?

There are many folk stories and legends connected with the miraculous properties of the Bean. According to one Russian hero Ilya Muromets before the fight with the brigand had accumulated unprecedented power, inhaling the scent that was making a miracle-the root of galangal, and therefore defeated the enemy. No wonder, in addition to medical, are attributed to this plant and the magical properties, hence the sonorous names: "magesnik", "saptaha".

Another tale takes us to Greece of ancient times: one of the satyrs, ancient Greek forest deities, for their excessive love had been cruelly punished by the gods of Olympus. They took away from the satire the subject of male pride and gratification, shattered into tiny pieces and scattered across the earth. According to legend it is from these pieces and has grown galangal, the root of which were used to gain "male power". In folk and traditional medicine has found the application of tincture and decoction.

Erect cinquefoil (galangal), a perennial herbaceous plant that can be seen in Europe, in the Caucasus, on the territory of Russia is found from Kaliningrad to the Altai. The aboveground portion is at a height of 15 to 50 cm Flowering: may-Sep Golden-yellow single flowers. Stems erect, with sessile trifoliate leaves, resembling paws.

But from the point of view of therapeutic effect is the most valuable part Galangal is a rhizome. It has a curved, uneven the thicker the shape, the pink color on the turn fresh, while drying becomes brownish. Has a faint odor, like the smell of roses due to the content of essential oils. The harvesting of medicinal raw materials are produced in spring at the time of flowering or in late autumn. In this period the concentration of nutrients in the underground part of the maximum. First and foremost, the healing properties of Potentilla are determined a large amount of tannins (up to 30%), as well as saponins, flavonoids, essential oils.

However, we would not recommend You to go to the forest and look for the cherished root, to engage a workpiece. It is a science, and there are many features and subtleties,you need to know to properly prepare, dry, preserve the medicinal plant and not lose the healing properties. It is best to purchase galangal root to the pharmacy.

A positive effect on the male body

Galangal is a wonderful plant that really can "under the root" to destroy many ailments in men. Consider the medical properties and applications in more detail:

  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect.

Tannins contained in the plant in large enough quantities (from 15 to 30%), determine the medicinal properties of the root and have anti-inflammatory effect, because they are able to create a protective film that protects tissues from the harmful effects (physical, chemical) and microorganisms that promote inflammation. General anti-inflammatory effect due to the presence of flavonoids.

Removal of edema is a very important effect that significantly eases the symptoms of such diseases as prostatitis. He is often the cause of problems with potency in men.

  • The antimicrobial effect.

Is achieved due to the presence of tannins, essential oils containing cineole. Required property if there are inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system and prostatitis.

  • Calming effect.

Due to the presence of essential oils has a calming effect on the nervous system: takes insomnia, anxiety. This eliminates erectile dysfunction in men caused by nervous disorders, stress.

  • The source of the necessary trace elements.

It is proved that galangal contains a large number of such important for men substances, such as selenium, zinc, manganese. It is a tonic, restorative healing properties.

Besides a positive impact on men's health, galangal helps in inflammatory diseases of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity (bleeding gums), pharyngitis, laryngitis, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (colitis, enterocolitis, gastritis), bleeding.

Dosage forms and method of use

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men is applied tincture of rhizomes of Galangal.

  • Alcohol extract of the rhizomes of Galangal

Tincture is prepared quite simply. This would require 50 grams of medicinal raw materials, which can be purchased at any pharmacy, and 0.5 liters of 40 % ethanol. During the week to keep root or crushed in the alcohol at room temperature, periodically shaking the vessel. Then strain the resulting extract. Is taken 20 drops 2-3 times a day. Tincture has a calming, anti-inflammatory anddecongestant therapeutic effect, thereby eliminating the main causes of erectile dysfunction in men. Please note that the tincture of Galangal contains alcohol. It must be borne in mind drivers or those who, in principle, avoids the use of alcohol, even in small amounts.

Sometimes to improve the taste of extract is added to the dried licorice root. Some recipes involve the use of ground coffee beans (not more than 5 pieces). This infusion has a subtle coffee aroma and a rich cognac hue.

  • Water extract of the rhizomes of Galangal

Medicinal properties are perfectly preserved in this aqueous extract, as the decoction. For preparation will need 1 tablespoon of crushed rhizomes. Medicinal raw material is mixed with 1 Cup water and boil in water bath for 10-15 minutes, then strain. Feature prepare a decoction of Potentilla is that you need to strain it hot, not insisting, because upon cooling, the tannins will precipitate. And in fact they very largely determine the healing properties. A decoction has been used in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in the form of applications for skin diseases, to rinse with stomatitis and gingivitis.

The use of any, even seemingly harmless herbal preparations it is better to start after consultation with doctor. Since, except for individual intolerance, contraindications to the use of extracts from the rhizomes of Potentilla is atonic constipation, tendency to thrombosis, hypotension.

As you can see, galangal is a wonderful root! It helps many ailments, including returns to the man his power. Ask your doctor, he will determine if for You it is a healing plant, and if there are no contraindications, may include the use of tincture or decoction in the course of therapy. I hope the information provided was useful for You. Be healthy!