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Instructions for use of the drug Red root

Red root is popularly known as a medicinal plant kopeechnik forgotten (lat. Hedysarum neglectum). Since ancient times it has helped people cope with male and female diseases, regain strength, vigor of body and spirit. But not only people learned to use the healing properties of this plant: bear after hibernation definitely tasty purple roots to rejuvenate or heal itself from ailments. Hence another name Hedysarum – Bear root.

копеечник забытый в упаковке

Today, the modern achievements of pharmaceutical technology, innovative equipment allow the use of useful properties of medicinal plants of the Altai better. That gives Red root and how man fits the whole power of natural medicines in one tablet, in our article.

Amazing plant is endemic of Altai

Red root is unique, it can only be found in our country and only in the Altai mountains. It is a herbaceous, perennial plant of the legume family ‒a real survivor: the age of some specimens is 80 years. The aboveground part of the grass reaches a height of 30-50 cm Stem erect, glabrous, leaves are compound leaf blades are elliptical in shape. The flowering period lasts from June to August. At this time the plant is particularly noticeable bright violet-purple flowers, gathered in loose brush. Its root is thick and woody, has a characteristic brown color on the outside and pinkish on the break. The flat pods filled with beans, shaped like a small coin, a penny. For that, obviously, and was given "the nickname" – kopeechnik. For medicinal purposes harvested mostly in the root, less grass. Harvesting of underground parts is carried out after the ripening of seeds and herbs – in the beginning of the flowering.

Harvesting of root Hedysarum is a time consuming process due to the strong and thick root, of the ground more than 1.5 meters! Such scales can not boast of any one herb in Western Siberia. Older healers and herbalists believed that only taking the whole root entirely, you can preserve its healing properties, therefore, to extract the miracle root has been used a special winch, harness horses.

A storehouse of useful properties

Perhaps there is some connection between the unprecedented power of the root system penetrating deep into the natural subsoil and a variety of nutrients, which carries this root: tannins, saponins, coumarins, flavonoids, many trace elements, vitamins, including high P-vitamin activity: the presence of flavonoids which have the property to protect the walls of blood capillaries frombreakage.

This complex chemical composition, in turn, defines the following positive effects:

  1. Restorative, tonic properties, increases endurance.
  2. The antioxidant effect. The elimination of the negative effects of free radicals, the effects of heavy metal poisoning.
  3. Treatment and prevention of diseases of reproductive system (prostatitis, adenoma, impotence, fibroids, etc.).
  4. Strengthening the Central nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the body.
  5. Treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (tannin well help in disorders of the chair).
  6. A positive impact on the level of hemoglobin in the blood (used for the treatment and prevention of anaemia).

Read more I would like to tell you about how important Red root for men. Whether natural properties of this unique plant can "fundamentally" change a man's life, to protect from illness or to return to the previous health and sense of confidence?

Miracle-and the root of men's health

The main action of dietary supplements, infusions and teas on the basis of the root:

  • Relieve pain, inflammation, which is extremely important in benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostatitis.
  • Exert antispasmodic and vasodilatory effect.
  • Promote normal urinary flow and reduction of night urination in the toilet.
  • Increase blood supply to the prostate that a positive effect on metabolic processes in the prostate, is an excellent prevention of many male diseases.
  • Increase the potency of men.

Red root is a natural, mild stimulant of sexual activity. It enhances the desire, the gradual recovery of potency. Any drug based on it has a toning, firming effect, enhances stamina, relieves irritability and nervousness, which also negatively influences ability of men.

In folk medicine for the treatment of male diseases are used alcohol tincture, a decoction of the root, tea. Tea finely chopped root and steam it in a thermos. Grass Hedysarum forgotten is harvested to produce a healing balm to combat cold sores.

However, it should be noted that, despite such a large number of medicinal properties, the positive reviews online, the use of infusions, decoctions of the root of Hedysarum and other people's councils is possible only after consultation with your doctor. Any, even the most useful herbal product has restrictions on the use or can cause allergic reactions, before use, be sure to read the instructions. You should also not forget that herbal medicine is effective mainlyas auxiliary treatment, if the disease is serious, definitely require medical therapy, and sometimes surgery.

Biologically active food Supplement "Red root"

The most simple and effective way to receive the power of the miracle of the root is the use of high-quality dietary supplements. In this case, processing, storing and extracting pharmacologically active components occurs under the control of qualified pharmacists and pharmacists-technologists. The process of obtaining a fully automated, improved and certified according to international quality standards. Only in this case it is possible to obtain safe and effective herbal product that the medicinal properties will significantly exceed the infusions and decoctions prepared according to popular recipes.

One of these Russian pharmaceutical companies credible, is the company "Evalar". Many positive reviews pharmacy workers and customers proof. In a wide range of herbal products for men, of course, was a place the dietary Supplement with Red vine. The plant produces the following herbal medicines:

  1. Pills "Red root".
  2. Tincture "Effect. Red root".
  3. Medicinal raw materials for making decoctions.
  4. Teas and fees, containing the roots and rhizomes.

One of the indisputable advantages of the company "Evalar" is that all manufacturing, research laboratories and nurseries are not located somewhere, namely in the Altai region.

"Red root" in tablets

Tablets are produced in packs of 60 tablets. In addition to the powder of the roots of Hedysarum, the product contains vitamin E and zinc, an essential element for men. According to the instructions, the drug should be taken 1 tablet 2 times a day. Then this scheme can be repeated.

Tablets are for the treatment and prevention of prostatitis, adenoma, reduced potency in men. This dosage form is very convenient: ready-to-use, easy drug you can take with you, manual is always at hand. In addition, the number of active substances in one pill in the right dosage. The Internet is often positive feedback about this convenient dosage form. The price of dietary supplements is on average 250-350 rubles.

"Effect. Red root"

Tincture of root Hedysarum widely used in folk medicine as a remedy for prostatitis. Drug Effect. Red root" was created taking into account centuries-old experience of the Altai healers and herbalists, but using the most modern technologies and innovationspharmacy. Besides the extraction of roots and rhizomes, the product contains the herb knotweed. In accordance with the instructions to take tincture need 1 teaspoon three times a day before meals. The course of treatment is 4 weeks. The price of the drug ranges from 180 to 250 rubles. depending on region.

Medicinal raw materials

Chopped rhizomes with roots are sold under the name "Red root. Grass". This production is a series of "Relict grasses of Altai". Rhizomes with roots can be used to prepare the broth. The regulations provide for the following method of application: 1 tablespoon of raw pour a glass of boiling water and leave to infuse for 15 minutes, then strain without cooling. Make this broth from prostatitis, BPH in men have 1 glass a day during the month.

The products of "Evalar", which contains roots and rhizomes of Hedysarum presented in the comparative table

The name of the drug Dosage form Release form Method of application Price Composition
"Red root" Pills No. 60 in the package

Instructions: 1 tablet 2 times a day.

The course of treatment ‒ a month.

250-350 RUB. Powder of roots and rhizomes, vitamin E and zinc
"Effect. Red root" Tincture Bottles 50, 100 ml Instructions: 1 teaspoon three times a day before meals. The course of treatment is 4 weeks. 180 to 250 RUB. Rhizomes and roots, grass knotweed
"Red root. Relict grasses of Altai" Chopped medicinal raw materials Pack of 50 g According to instructions 1 Cup of broth a day. Course – a month. 100-150 RUB. Rhizomes with roots

Reviews of men who tried a Red root in one way or another pharmaceutical form, saying that it helps to reduce the symptoms of prostatitis, but only after prolonged use, and often on the forums can be found positive reviews on the tonic, strength properties. But once again we remind you that the purpose of the above drugs can be done only by the doctor, intake of supplements is carried out strictly according to instructions. Please consult with him before the reception.

As you can see, the experience of ancient healers is not lost. Force of nature of Gorny Altai and today is used to preserve men's health, modern technologies and achievements of pharmacy and medicine allows also to multiply it. I hope the information provided was useful for You. Be healthy!