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Details about useful and harmful properties of peppermint for body of men

Mint has long been considered one of the most useful plants. About how helpful this herb that people knew in ancient times – even then, the healers and used to make various medicinal drugs, can cure a variety of ailments.

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The mint was called the "herb of longevity", "the elixir of life ‒ so highly valued its beneficial properties. Therapeutic lotion from the juice of mint used to treat skin and other diseases, tea, or a decoction of mint helped in a number of diseases.

There are warnings that men should not drink peppermint tea too often that, despite their useful properties, this herb can be harmful and have a debilitating effect on their potency.

How grow "roots"?

What are the benefits of peppermint for women and men, what is the harm and what are the contraindications when it is possible and why not use mint for men or women, the answers to these questions could give the ancient Ayurvedic healers. It Ayurveda for the first time lifted the veil of secret knowledge on the effect of peppermint on the body of men and women than it is useful and harmful. Today it is impossible to meet a person who never tried to drink tea from mint or heard about how useful it is. Nevertheless, occasionally disputes arise about how secure the use of mint, is it harmless its beneficial properties and effects on the male body can or can't drink mint tea to the men and why, as a tea of mint affect men's potency and whether there are contraindications to its use.

Medicinal properties of herb

To see how useful mint looked at her long "track" list.


  • Has a refreshing effect on the entire body, has cooling in hot weather – is to drink tea out of it or juice with added leaf.
  • Acts on the nervous system calming and relaxing, regulates and normalizes the emotional background that leads to a state of emotional balance and harmony.
  • Lowers blood pressure, which is very beneficial for those who suffer from hypertonic phenomena.
  • Improves sleep and alleviates insomnia and night terrors.
  • Improves digestion, eliminates heartburn, nausea and other dyspepsia.
  • Facilitates state when the temperature of the body.
  • Makes the blood more fluid, thus improving blood circulation in all tissues of the body.
  • Acts bile, thereby improving digestion and preventing the development of gallstones.
  • Helps with diseases of the respiratory system, makes breathing easier, stops coughing and wheezing in the lungs.
  • Relievesthe inflammatory process in the throat colds.
  • Eliminates the headache.
  • Has a slight analgesic effect.
  • When used externally cures inflammation of the joints, sciatica and degenerative disc disease.
  • In cosmetology is used as a tonic for sluggish skin.

Bath with mint have has a General relaxing effect and a calming effect, relieve pain, inflammation, etc.

Mint tea and male potency

Looking at the list of therapeutic properties of mint, we can see that the use of it is undeniable. Useful properties of mint make it a strong medication, but why then talk about the potential harm and danger, why and where did the knowledge of what the mint men to take? It turns out that peppermint contains a large amount of female hormones – phytoestrogens. No wonder this herb is traditionally considered women's – women taking it can increase their breast size by 1-2, to get rid of unwanted body hair ‒ in General, increase all the external signs of femininity. It is natural that men, hearing this, began to treat the mint cautiously, fearing to harm his courage and fearful for his potency.

In the American Institute of nutrition and dietetics scientists conducted an interesting experiment. From the diet of the experimental group of rodents in a certain period of time completely eliminated drinking water, replacing it with mint tea. In the course of research laboratory tests in the blood of males has been discovered a noticeable decrease in the level of the male hormone testosterone. At the end of the experiment was, it revealed a deeper and more serious violations of the sexual sphere rodents, and even lack of sexual interest in females and infertility. The picture is bleak. It becomes clear why this or other stories proving the harm of mint to manhood, so afraid of a strong half of mankind.

Benefit or harm?

But don't panic and think that peppermint tea men to not drink, as it will kill their potency. Even in scientific experiment, tea completely replaced the drinking water, that in everyday life man is not exactly threatening, and therefore, for the potency can not survive. Other scientists have proved that really disturb hormonal men can only immoderate drinking of mint tea – more than 6-7 cups per day. In addition, the concentration of the herb should be high.

Contraindications to the use of mint is more of a call for observance of moderation in all things, even that has useful properties. Infrequent and moderate drinking peppermint tea will not have any negative influence on either your potency, nor any other function of your body. Moreover, having beneficial effect on the nervous system, normalizes and mintthe potency of men, because in most cases of male impotence develops on the background of severe stress, emotional exhaustion and lingering depression.

Ending, we can confidently say: use mint for men's health is undeniable, and the harm it greatly exaggerated. The main thing do not forget ‒ moderation, which, as we know, never hurt anybody. Accept mint tea when you want it, and be healthy!