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Impact of nuts and honey on men's health

Impotence, or, as people say, sexual weakness has always been one of the most frightening of evils for men. At all times the sexual power of men was an indication of its vitality, personal magnetism and success in everything, in love and career, because the "weak male" becomes weak on all fronts. But confident in the potency of man becomes literally strong – he is full of energy, self-confidence, he can do anything and everything easily, which is not true of those who are in power not sure.

банка с орехами и мёдом

Impotence has become a real scourge of the XXI century due to the poor ecology, poor nutrition, harmful lifestyle, regular strong stress and chronic fatigue men. To prevent the development of impotence it is possible without resorting to drugs.

How it all starts

The first signs of trouble a man usually ignores – too scared and ashamed to admit its existence. But sooner or later there comes a time when silence becomes impossible and the problem must be admitted. In such a situation a man makes a firm decision to find a way out of this crisis. Wanting to obtain rapid and absolute effect, the man most often refers to doctors for medical care, and they have a: assigned to the reception of all kinds of chemical and hormonal drugs. But the trouble is that these products of the pharmaceutical industry often affects the male body is not the best way: under their influence often goes astray hormonal balance in the body, worsening the kidneys and brain. Thus, all benefit from taking these drugs negates the harmful side effects.

Prescription masculine power

For those who do not wish to harm your own body by taking chemical drugs, for centuries known absolutely harmless and extremely healthy recipe – honey, mixed with walnuts and sour cream. This simple but effective recipe of folk medicine has long won popularity among men suffering from disorders of potency, decreased libido and in some cases even infertility.

Incredible effect and benefit of honey, mixed with walnuts and sour cream, due to the valuable properties of each of these products. How affects the body men of honey and what is its use?

The benefits of honey

Honey has long been considered one of the most useful products due to its unique healing properties:

  • It is composed of carbohydrates that are easily absorbed by the body, providing it with energy.
  • Honey contains a large number of trace elementsuseful for all systems of the body – potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and zinc. The use of these substances is that they regulate and normalize the secretion of the genital organs of men, sperm quality, high strength of sexual desire and a sufficient testosterone production.
  • Honey is a powerful natural antioxidant and has a pronounced rejuvenating effect on the entire body.
  • Honey heals inflammation and is a great cure for impotence, occurring due to inflammation of the urinary organs.
  • Honey is useful not only for violations of sexual function in men, but with the weakening of immunity, colds, exhaustion, diseases of the stomach and intestines, intoxication, and as a sedative for the insomnia.

However, honey should be taken with caution in diseases of the pancreas or in allergic reactions.

How useful walnuts

Walnuts are very beneficial to male potency and the health of the whole organism. Walnuts contain a large amount of useful minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and, most importantly, vitamin E responsible for sexual function and it is called "vitamin reproduction".

Vitamin E has a great influence on the male reproductive system and its functions:

  • it enhances libido;
  • increases the sperm count in the semen, and, therefore, improves its quality and increases chances of fertilization;
  • improves blood flow to the pelvic organs – and it is good blood circulation ensures a good strong erection and arousal in men. This increases the duration of sexual intercourse, makes it better, feelings become more vivid and strong.

Male potency increase not only walnuts, but pine nuts and cashews, pistachios and almonds. They all have a positive effect in the treatment of impotence in men, but then walnuts are the undisputed leaders. Walnuts, mixed with honey and sour cream, is not only the recipe of this male power, but also accessible and useful in all senses a treat. Sour cream also has a positive effect in influencing the sexual function of men due to its nutritional properties, high content of useful minerals and vitamins. But remember that sour cream with nuts and honey is a very high-calorie mixture, so do not forget about the measure.

How best to take

Prescription male power is quite simple: you must mix the nuts and honey in the ratio of 100 g of nuts 1 tablespoon of honey and the same amount of sour cream. In order to increase sexual desire, enhance erection, increasethe duration of intercourse and improve its quality, enough to eat every day 1-2 tablespoons of the mixture. Best time for intake – a few hours before bedtime. Before you make the nuts with honey, you should ensure you have no medical contraindications or allergic reactions to these products.

Mix nuts with honey and sour cream is an extremely popular remedy for impotence in men ‒ this is evidenced by the numerous positive reviews from those whom it has helped. This combination of natural foods will become a lifeline for any man not giving his body side effects unlike medications. Follow this recipe for traditional medicine and get well!