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Why is there pain in the testicles in men and how to cure it

The testicles (testes) are the major reproductive organs in men. Pain of a different nature to these organs can occur at any age. Need to know why hurt testicles in men, as ignoring the symptoms can cause serious problems, up to disorders of sex and even infertility.

Characteristics of pain

The situation when the sore testicle, known to every man. But the pain is very sharp and requires immediate treatment. There is also discomfort after sex. This is because the male body has increased sensitivity. It is considered that the strong intensity of the painful sensation, pain in the testicles, no matter what its cause.

Sometimes, pain in the testicles leads to a significant deterioration of the General condition of man, which requires to prescribe an appropriate treatment. The related symptoms include:

  • nausea;
  • swelling of testis – on both the left and the right;
  • sweating;
  • increased irritability associated with increasing pain;
  • in some cases, fear of premature death.

When to see a doctor

A man should always seek treatment if he feels these are the most frequent symptoms are:

  • sudden pulling pain in the testicles, which is increasing;
  • when it hurts only the right or left testicle;
  • when swollen one – left or right testicle;
  • if parallel to pain noted nausea, vomiting, fever, or a man feels the chills;
  • when you change the size or shape of the testis is to the left or right;
  • post-traumatic processes, which did not pass.

These are all reasons to visit a male doctor and treatment. Delaying visits to a medical institution is fraught with serious consequences.

The result of mechanical action

The cause of pain in men can be traumatic influence of different intensity. It is normal if discomfort after mechanical impact subsides. However, if the testicle pain lasts more than an hour after the injury, and even more amplified, then it is a pathological process that requires urgent treatment.

If traumatic lesions of the testicles strong, it is the cause of the development of shock. In such cases, the patient requires immediate hospitalization, since the shock applies to emergency. Should be aware of this and children, because boys cause injury to often the outdoor games.

If there was a puncture or cut injury, then the man must be immediately hospitalized trauma may be the cause of massive hemorrhage. If you engage independenttreatment, there is a risk at all to losing body, as the testicles are very sensitive to degradation of krovopotere and innervation. This is the most dangerous state.

Pain in left testicle

Why my left testicle hurts? As a rule, a nagging pain in the left testicle often occurs as a result of varicose veins of the spermatic cord. Sometimes discomfort on the left is the result cyst of the spermatic cord. Other pathologies that cause pain in men:

  • kidney disease;
  • intestinal pathology;
  • cancer.

So in many doubtful cases, when there is pain in the left testicle or the right, including and after sex, you must immediately contact the clinic. This also applies to pain syndrome of the boy.

If there was pain in the left testicle aching, happens consequence of the inflammatory process. Do not try to endure – it is better to consult a doctor. In addition, the pain in my left testicle just won't go away, and to stop it using analgesics will not succeed. A visit to the clinic is the best way to know why there was pain in my left testicle.

Why develop pain in the right side

In principle, pain in right testicle worried sick for the same reasons as in the left. Sore right testicle swelled up and became bigger than the other, this may be a consequence of epididymitis. Note that the varicose veins of the spermatic cord focuses more on the left. So my left testicle sometimes suffers more than the right.

Cause the aching pain of the right testicle could be torsion. Finally, pain may result from infectious diseases of different nature, as well as during sex.

If there was pain in my right testicle, it is necessary adequate treatment, which is available only in a hospital. Pain in the right testicle helps to eliminate a doctor.

Infectious diseases

Severe pain in right testicle and in the left causes orchitis. The testicle pain has a sharp character. As a rule, the cause of orchitis is mumps (mumps).

The beginning of orchitis – acute, with a sore left testicle, but the pain mounted and the other on the right. In the continuation of the disease seldom happens that the sick one testicle – usually the process is bilateral. The symptoms of the acute phase, pain in right testicle and in the left, persist for weeks and then subside. If it is wrong to treat the disease, the organ tends to atrophy.

If epididymitis is inflammation of the epididymis of the testis. It often happens after trauma. Usually one testicle becomes inflamed, however, one might lose both. Equally, if inflamed appendage, sometimes one passesinflammation to another.

Pain during intercourse

Often the discomfort occurs in the testes after intercourse. Men don't know what to do in such cases, and sometimes refuse to have sex. But as a result of irregular sex comes the defeat of another nature – for example, prostatitis or varicocele.

The pain after intercourse is sometimes a cause of inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system, prostatitis. Often this is the fault of the inflamed appendage.

Sometimes the pain after sex is a result of influenza. Here's the most typical causes of pain during sex or shortly thereafter:

  • a cold shower and bathing at low temperatures;
  • drafts;
  • excessive consumption of alcohol.

How to cure the illnesses of the testes

First thing a man should do when he was overcome by pain in the left testicle or the right to seek help at the hospital. Treatment and approaches can be very different.

Sometimes the pain in the right testicle treated at home. Need to do warm baths, wearing a sling. If you do not prescribe another, these supportive treatments usually allow you to curb the pain in my left testicle is adequate treatment.

After the injury in the first place needs a thorough inspection. You must assign cold compresses bed rest. Often necessary to inject painkillers. However, a serious injury, when the pain in the right testicle can be overly strong, require to be treated in hospital: they threaten the development of the accumulation of blood in the scrotum.

When torsion of the testes need immediate surgical intervention, as this condition threatens infertility and loss body. When to seek medical assistance later than a day after the torsion, the probability of saving on a very low. The same intervention is required and when inflammation of the epididymis. The affected part of the testis is removed, to avoid the risk of the development of the scrotal abscess.

After completed treatment, the patients need continuous therapeutic control. It must be done in order to avoid possible complications. You need to contact your doctor if the symptoms become more pronounced. Only timely and adequate treatment will help to prevent the development of complications.