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About the causes of cicatricial phimosis and treatment of pathology

Quite often, boys have found cicatricial phimosis. In this disease it is impossible to get the foreskin over the glans penis. The disease can be congenital or acquired, depending on the reasons that caused it. The treatment pathology are necessary to prevent inflammation of the glans penis, and correction of possible violations of sexual life.

Cicatricial phimosis in most cases is the cause of the voiding. In severe cases during urination, the skin swells up, forming a characteristic ball. The patient is forced to naturopathica. Because inflammation can occur purulent discharge from the penis.

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In addition, phimosis is the cause of psychological disorders, as the man is not able to conduct a full sex life. For boys it is a significant psychological problem, since comparing themselves to healthy peers, they can think about their inferiority and inferiority. That is why it is so important to the timely treatment of the disease.

How to treat small children

As already mentioned, up to three years, narrowing the hole over the penis skin is physiological. Gradually, she becomes more elastic, and the head can be bare. Often this happens inadvertently.

But when trying to the exposed head of boys it may appear microcracks. They are the cause of scars. In such cases, surgery will be scheduled.

In other cases, the doctor usually recommends a gradual stretching of the foreskin. This treatment is good to prevent surgery. Sometimes assigned special ointments. However, in a later age, such treatment is often not enough.

Prompt correction of the problem

Often cicatricial phimosis effectively cured quickly. Sometimes the parents are against it, but this treatment is a hundred percent eliminates the hassles. The operation is performed by truncation. It relieves the patient from the causes of disease and contributes to the disappearance of scars.

Treatment of cicatricial phimosis is carried out on the basis of complaints of the patient. The operation of excision is recommended at any age. Is assigned a full or partial circumcision. This type of treatment practiced since ancient times and proved its effectiveness. In addition, it allows you to get rid of the reasons for the narrowing of prepucialna bag.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia. Rehabilitation period is short: already next day the patient can return to normal life. After it disappear, the reasons of infectiongenitals.

Conservative therapy

If surgery for cicatricial phimosis undesirable, depending on the stage of the disease can be selected conservative methods of treatment. This treatment of cicatricial phimosis apply:

  • Therapy with corticosteroids. Of the ointment are removed causes redness, swelling, cracks heal.
  • Stretching. For this treatment using special instruments and stretching the flesh with your fingers.

Such treatments are painless, preservation of the anatomy of the penis if for any reason the patient does not want to perform circumcision. In any case, the earlier you seek help, the less painful the procedure would be.