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Feature hydrocele of the testicle in men, its symptoms and methods of treatment

A hydrocele to the left or right ‒ accumulation in the cavities of the shells of the testicles in men or babies liquid. The nature of such pathological conditions may be different, respectively, there are different symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment of disease (hydrocele). Medication or traditional methods do not cure hydrocele.

In the diagnosis and examination in the "bag" includes:

  • Exudate (pus) and blood.
  • Transudate (lymph).
  • Effusion after tight suturing of the inguinal ring.
  • The liquid that appears after varicocele as a result of a breach of the venous outflow.

In addition, a hydrocele can be acquired, congenital, acute or chronic. Most often the symptoms of a hydrocele occur in infants or men from 20 to 30 years.

The etiology of the disease

In Hydrocele of the testicle there are separate reasons why pathology develops:

  • Communicating vodyanoe the formation of testis (congenital hydrocele). Cause of disease – nezaradene the opening between the vaginal process of the peritoneum and.
  • Sesoonsuse (congenital) Hydrocele. The reason is the fluid produced by the cells of the vaginal process, and the space between the peritoneum and the bone is overgrown.
  • Acquired hydrocele. The reason for the accumulation of fluid – a violation of the balance between production and absorption of fluid that happens after a trauma, a disturbance of the blood or lymph in inflammatory diseases.

In addition, when struck by the whole scrotum, you can talk about bilateral Hydrocele, the diagnosis swelling on only one side – left or right-sided hydrocele. At the ICD in the concept of hydrocele includes: Hydrocele summany, unspecified, infected and other types:

  • ICD 10 No. 43.0 Hydrocele summany.
  • No. 43.1 infectious hydrocele.
  • No. 43.2; 43.3 unspecified (other) forms of hydrocele, as well as spermatocele.

Symptoms often occur after injuries, such as newborns and when Hydrocele diagnosis confirmed birth trauma.

In men, the symptoms of the disease (hydrocele) can be so small that they may not notice, and on the causes of the disease is also not known.

To distinguish the following reasons:

  • Related diseases after inflammatory processes in the testicles).
  • The tumor in the scrotum.
  • After a person is infected with filariasis.
  • Heart disease (heart failure).
  • After varicocele, a hernia in the groin, failed surgeries (complications).

Clinical pathology

The symptoms of Hydrocele (hydrocele) is quite varied, it all depends on the age of the patient (male adults or newborns), type (summany, infectious, etc.), after which the diseasearose. If we consider symptoms in the advanced range (taking into account all the symptoms that can occur), it is worth noting the following:

  • Both testicles (or one) increase in volume, scrotal skin smooth visually, but is able to gather in folds.
  • Felt a dull ache (except the acquired chronic).
  • If you experience symptoms of fluctuation, sometimes the temperature.
  • A large amount of complicated movement.

In the diagnosis of pathologies of the extensive amount of fluid can reach several liters. This condition not only affects the quality of life of the patient, but requires immediate surgical treatment, folk remedies won't do, even the most positive feedback about the recipes.

Risk factors (causes in men):

  • Bruises to the genitalia.
  • Trauma to the testicles (scrotum) in sports and physical exercise.
  • Too strong suturing of the outer ring of the inguinal canal.
  • Varicocelectomy (relapse).
  • Prolonged power load (especially with the excessive voltage of the abdominal cavity).

How can you identify the disease?

Diagnosis of a hydrocele is particularly difficult for the doctor-urologist is not, as in the case of an adult patient and the newborn. Elastic, fluctuating swelling should alert the man and to make a visit to a specialist.

Diagnosis begins with palpation and visual inspection; if necessary, the doctor will prescribe an ultrasound, diaphanoscopy (translucence) that will allow to exclude that a similar disease like hernia.

In General, diagnosis includes:

  • Inspection, palpation.
  • Diaphanoscopy.
  • Ultrasound and some other tests that would be required for suspected comorbidities.

Therapy: how to eliminate edema

Hydrocele treatment only operational, this disease cannot be considered as a simple swelling of tissues. It can not cope with folk remedies, despite the good reviews about the properties of herbs. To remove accumulated inside the fluid around the testicle by puncture, or by a running disease – opening the scrotum. All events are held only after the diagnosis.

If you need emergency treatment hydrocele, conduct an emergency evacuation of the fluid with a special needle. It gives a positive but temporary effect and is an auxiliary method of treatment.

Serious and appropriate are the following methods of treatment:

  • The Method Of Winkelman. Newborns (when absolutely necessary) and children after 3 years under General anesthesia, in adults under local anesthesia.
  • The Method Of Bergman. When large amounts of thickening of the membranes.
  • The Way Ross. Applies if a confirmed diagnosis of congenital form of the disease, which has a messagewith abdominal cavity.
  • The Way Of The Lord. Allows an intervention with minimal damage to the blood vessels and tissue trauma.
  • Sclerotherapy. Helps to achieve a low percentage of recurrences.

Endoscopic treatment has allowed modern surgeons to conduct the removal with minimal risks and complications. This is due to the incisions which helps to accelerate the treatment and rehabilitation period.

The advantage of endoscopic treatment of testis:

  • Low traumatism of the tissues and blood vessels.
  • Minimal anesthetic risk.
  • Quick recovery, short time of recovery.
  • Low rate of complications.
  • A good cosmetic effect.

Drugs do not cure dropsy. National funds can hold therapy, but only as a subsidiary. The only exception is reactive hydrocele in orchitis, acute epididymitis. As for the newborn, up to 2 years of life in people's ways do not enjoy, and the doctors are practicing watchful waiting in most cases, the disease of the testicle takes place newborns on their own. Require periodic status diagnosis not to miss complications.

Therapy hydrocele folk remedies in adults requires not only the use of medicinal herbs, but also the normalization of the power with the inclusion in the diet of a large number of vegetarian food.

Allowed the treatment of the following folk remedies:

  • The juices of plants, elderberries and grapes.
  • Watercress and parsley.
  • Adonis spring.
  • Leaves and buds of birch, corn silk, horseradish, etc.

To avoid pathological conditions of the testicle in men by the protection of the genitals from injury, preventing infectious diseases, including STDs.

How much can I expect?

The cost of surgery in the Metropolitan regions varies in a broad range. It all depends on the type of facility, method of operation (which means surgery), the patient's age and attendant complications. The average cost from 1595 to 63600 rubles.

Delta Clinics Multidisciplinary medical centroura, Mentoring pereulok, 6 (Moscow) 21000 rubles
SM-Clinic Multidisciplinary medical centromedia, Yartsevskaya St., 8 (Moscow) 15750 roubles
Prima Medika Multidisciplinary medical centralista, Akademika Chelomeya, d. 10 B (Moscow) 9000 rubles