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All about the symptoms, causes and treatment of cysts of the testicle in men

A cyst of the testicle in men – a disease that occurs with very high frequency. It detects approximately every third man, referred to our clinic on the subject of the survey. The place of its formation – the upper part of the testicles (testes) and along the passage of the spermatic cord. At the same time can develop a cyst of the epididymis, or epididymis.

Cyst in the testicle is a cavity bounded by a fibrous membrane and filled with fluid. It is clearly separated from adjacent organs and tissues, and usually occurs due to the blockage of the excretory ducts. Its distinctive feature is the very slow growth and no symptoms.


Cyst of the testis depending on the causes of the formation may be congenital or acquired. Congenital cyst of the boy is usually formed because of a disturbance of intrauterine development on up to 20 weeks. Contributing the following reasons:

  • pregnancy burdened by the threat of termination;
  • hormonal imbalance in the mother's body;
  • the trauma received in the process of the appearance of the boy;
  • prematurity.

Acquired cyst of the epididymis in men, as a cyst of the testicle, often arise in the injury of the external genitalia or the ingress of infection. Depending on the location there is left, right or bilateral cysts of the head. There is a cyst formed in the epididymis or the spermatic cord.

Another classification divides them depending on the structure and content.

  • Dermoid. Inside you can find parts of other organs, hair, bones.
  • Spermatocele. Inside is semen.
  • Single-chamber. Has no walls and consists of a single cavity.
  • Multicam. Characterized by the presence of partitions.

How to identify a pathology?

Despite the similarity of the causes and method of forming ovarian cysts in women and men, diseases of the ovary occur in different ways and have different symptoms. Common are method and causes the formation of cavities and the effect on their appearance of hormonal background, as well as the consequences – infertility, symptoms of heaviness in the lower abdomen, unpleasant symptoms during sex.

Most often the cyst of the head or of the spermatic cord is detected by routine diagnosis men. Its characteristic symptoms is the appearance of painless seal small size and rounded shape, located next to the testicle or on the head. On the basis of anatomical features, often found in a cyst of the epididymis of the left testicle. Some time after the appearance of the tumors it causes symptoms of discomfort in the scrotum, most noticeable whenwalking or intercourse. Large cavity the appendages of the left and the right ovary is a frequent cause of infertility.

Diagnosis of this disease is done by a specialist – a urologist or an andrologist. The price of the diagnosis depends on the degree of the equipment of the clinic and the qualifications of the doctor. For the diagnosis conduct a medical history to determine the time of appearance of the cyst and what treatment is being carried out. It is also important to identify other diseases in men, in particular:

  • whether the injury of the genitals;
  • whether early treatment of inflammatory processes of the pelvic organs or any operations.

The next stage of diagnostic examination of the patient, palpation (palpation) of the left and right testicles, the elucidation of the degree of mobility of the cyst, assessment of surface and boleznenyh symptoms. Can also be used diaphanoscope diagnosis by examination of the scrotum to the light with a flashlight. This type of diagnostics allows to assess the amount of fluid in the cyst, which glows pink light.

Ultrasound of the scrotum – a method to accurately determine the location of the cavity on the head of the epididymis the right or the left testis and to determine its contents. Considered to be the most informative diagnostic MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), allowing to obtain cross-sectional analysis of the tissues of the ovary. Analyzing the symptoms and Troubleshooting results, a urologist (andrologist) appoint the necessary treatment.

How to treat cystic?

A cyst of the epididymis of the left testicle, as well as other types of ovarian cysts are only one method of treatment is surgical. Operations are performed regardless of symptoms as the classical method with scalpel and hardware. Assessing symptoms, the doctor assigns the transaction only to those men who are known to have fast growth or infection of the contents of ovarian cysts, as well as for symptoms of malignancy. A small cyst is asymptomatic, observe, not in terms of.

  • Removal surgically.
  • The removal method of sclerotherapy.
  • Puncture.
  • Laparoscopy.

Surgical treatment is to perform the incision of the cyst and its the husking, after which tissue layers of the scrotum are connected by seams. These operations are carried out under General or local anesthesia. The final step is to impose gauze bandages, ice and supportive jockstrap.

Two weeks after surgery are advised to refrain from physical activity. Assigned to antibiotic therapy. A side symptom is cyst removal head right or left testicle may be infertility, what man is required to warn before the procedure.

Treatment using sclerotherapyinvolves removal of fluid from the cavity and filling it with a special compound that causes destruction of the lining its tissues. The collapse of the spermatic cord can lead to obstruction and infertility. To restore the normal movement of sperm in the future may require the removal of the damaged portion and its plastic.

Method puncture similar to sclerotherapy, however, the removal of cyst contents is performed without further addition of any substances. The method is a temporary solution to the problem. Gradually, the fluid returns into the cavity, and the repetition of procedures and a gradual destruction of the mucous lining of the duct are often the cause of damage to the surface of the testis and epididymis.

Laparoscopy is the least severe for the patient procedure, the cost of which is justified by the quick recovery and little trauma. A laparoscope is a special camera, at the head of which is a lens system applying an image to the camera for visual inspection.

For the treatment of cysts of the epididymis using similar methods – surgical or laparoscopic removal and sclerotherapy. Treatment of congenital pathologies in boys has its own characteristics. Often it resolves on its own. Removal becomes necessary when reaching its size,1-1. 5 cm

Possible complications

The consequences of the emergence of this disease can be very unpleasant for your health. The possibility of contamination of its contents, the rupture in trauma of the scrotum, infertility in bilateral development of cysts – the causes of the need for operation. Its price depends on the reputation of the clinic and its equipment and is about 30 thousand rubles.

However, there are measures to reduce the likelihood that similar tumors of the ovary in men. These include prevention of inflammatory processes of urogenital system, genital infections, traumas, as well as regular self -. All this will allow time to detect the formed cyst and begin timely treatment.