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The occurrence of seals on the testicle in men (the types, symptoms and treatments)

Most often, the seal in the region of the egg defined by man alone. Experts recommend doing regular self-examination of male reproductive organs, at least 1 time per month. The presence of a dense phase on the surface of the testicle can be a symptom of serious diseases of the male genitourinary system.


The area of the seal on the testicles appear more frequently in males in the most sexually active period (the period of intensive development of male sex hormones) – 15-40 years. Change the consistency of the testicle may be the only manifestation of the beginning of a serious disease in men. Later can cause soreness of the affected area.

There is a perception that samoobsluzhivanie useless. However, the man who knows to touch their testicles, to easily determine the presence of pathological changes.

Self-examination correctly to make after the procedures of personal hygiene with warm water. Genitals must be exposed, crotch – completely relaxed. Next, you need to execute alternately the following steps:

  • Lift your left leg, put it on a stand about 50 cm tall.
  • Gently palpate the scrotum, while defining the border of the left testicle.
  • To test the egg with the fingers of both hands. In this way the skin moves freely, which facilitates the task.
  • All the same steps repeat with the right leg for the study of the right testicle.

Most of the pathology detected in the left testicle.

Normal testicles men the touch is not solid, slightly firm consistency. When probing you should feel a smooth flat surface of the testicle, no swelling. In the rear sections should be determined by elastic cords. Testicles men often are on different levels (the left testicle is slightly higher).

If in the self-man found no seals, and cloth uniform, to talk about the health of the genital organs. You need to remember that even seal the size of a pea can be a symptom of a dangerous disease.

Factors of the pathology development

One of the factors that provoke the development of seals testicle in men, is a pathology such as pseudocyst. The disease occurs as a result of traumatic injury or inflammatory process.

However, the seal of the testicles can also indicate cancer. The disease is also characterized by the following symptoms:

  • a little discomfort in the scrotum,
  • enlarged nipples
  • pain in the groin
  • a feeling of heaviness,
  • the sharp increase in size of one testicle.

However, this clinical picture is seen only in the later stages of development of testicular cancer in men. That is why it is importantto identify the seal in the beginning of the disease. The tumor of the testicle is called seminomas.

Seal of the testicles occurs because of the development of the inflammatory process in the testis and epididymis (orchitis, epididymitis). The most common is the combination of these two pathologies – orchiepididymitis.

The development of this condition is influenced by the following reasons:

  • hypothermia and decrease in total protective forces of the male body;
  • unprotected sexual intercourse;
  • the traumatic impact on the region of the scrotum;
  • irregular sexual life (as too rare and too frequent sex);
  • stress, depression;
  • surgical intervention in the groin area.

Orchiepididymitis is also sometimes complemented by such phenomena as reddening of the scrotum, fever, pain in the scrotum, swelling of the epididymis. In the absence of treatment within 7 days all symptoms with the exception of the seal. It does not say that the disease has disappeared. This fact indicates the transition of acute to chronic orhoepididimit.

For men's health this is especially dangerous to the development of such complications as abscess, infarction of the testicle malignancy. Untreated seal in the left or right testicle can lead to male infertility.

Approaches to the identification of pathology

Initial diagnosis begins with the feelings of the groin, taking fluid from the scrotum for analysis. Also provides diagnosis standard laboratory methods to establish the cause of the seal. If necessary, the man is prescribed these types of diagnostics:

  • Ultrasound
  • puncture.

Treatment tactics

Treatment is determined by the cause of the seal on the testicles and timeliness of access to medical care. In the case of the establishment of the inflammatory nature of the disease it is necessary to eliminate infectious causes. Additionally sowed microflora in antibiotic sensitivity to ensure the most effective treatment.

With the aim of pain relief are steroid medicines. In some situations, apply the blockade. It is important that the treatment was carried out in the complex to realise quick and full effect. Can also be administered vitamins, immunomodulatory drugs, antipyretics and others. In inflammatory process, experts recommend the patient man wearing tight underwear. Recurrent types of pathology require surgical treatment.

Malignant forms of the seal on the testicles detected by diagnostics, are subject to mandatory surgical resection. Surgical treatment is that is removeddamaged testicle and spermatic cord suitable. Further, as a rule, assigned to the chemotherapy. To consolidate the effect of treatment can include methods of radiation therapy, physiotherapy.

Self-treatment is categorically excluded, as only an experienced specialist can adequately diagnose, identify the cause and prescribe treatment. Competent diagnosis and the correct establish – the key to successful treatment and overall health of men.