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Symptoms and treatment of hydrocele in infant boys

Dropsy of the testes in infant boys is the accumulation of serous fluid between the shells of eggs. The medical term of the disease is hydrocele, the causes of which are often congenital. The symptoms of anomalies in newborns to detect easy diagnosis presents no special difficulties.

What types of pathologies occur?

The causes of anomalies in boys lie in the undeveloped organism of the newborn. In the normal development of liquid for humidifying the testicles of neonates produced continuously, and the surplus is absorbed by the shells of eggs back. If a newborn boy liquid is absorbed less than is produced, then there is an excess of it, leading to edema.

The types and causes of hydrocele in infant boys:

  • Open the edema of the newborn.

The formation of the testes occurs at the stage of intrauterine development (in the kidneys). Before the advent of the boy's testicles descend into the "pouch", capturing part of the abdominal cavity, called the vaginal process. This forms a channel connecting the abdominal cavity and the scrotum. At the time of the birth of a boy it needs to close, when this happens, and there is the anomaly of this type.

In the open channel of the peritoneum in the pouch receives the fluid and accumulates there. For open blisters are characterized by a decrease in size of the scrotum when placing a newborn baby on the back. The fluid is pushed back into the peritoneum, with the result that there is a reduction.

  • Closed edema of the newborn.

Occurs when a closed vaginal process, that is, the communication between the peritoneum and scrotum is missing.

The etiology of the disease

The edema usually does not present for a newborn baby boy a serious threat to health. The cause of the abnormality following:

  • Innate. The cause of the disease be intrauterine pathology resulting from illness of the mother during pregnancy. Especially dangerous are the symptoms of frequent colds.
  • Heredity. Dropsy can be hereditary disease. If the father of the child at birth had symptoms of dropsy, most likely with this disease will face the son.
  • A birth injury. The genitals of the boy can be traumatized in the birth process, that will also lead to the symptoms of hydrocele.
  • Prematurity of the fetus, which is manifested often.

Clinical pathology

Symptoms appear immediately after birth of the baby, and the doctors easily diagnosed as "dropsy of the testicles in newborns". The characteristic feature of the dropsy is the swelling of the scrotum. It increases in size, becomes bluish in color.

The filling liquid is gradual, rarely there can be symptoms of a sharp increase in. Touch education is quite dense, sometimes palpable in the groin. Sizes are different – from minor to 15-20 cm in severe cases. The tumor often round-shaped, pear-shaped or hourglass (the accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity).

Diagnosis is not difficult, parents notice the edema at the stage of increasing the "bag" in carrying out hygienic procedures. As a rule, swelling does not cause the child anxiety and do not interfere with the urination. If swollen one half, then diagnosed hydrocephalus in newborn one egg, if the tumor has spread to the entire scrotum, or two. Often there are symptoms of dropsy of one egg.

It should be noted that the same symptoms accompanied with inguinal hernia when the swelling is caused by the bulging of the internal organs. In this case, differential diagnosis is important symptoms of the difference can be detected by palpation. Inguinal hernia when there is a characteristic gurgling sound and the size of the swelling reduced. When the diagnosis of hydrocephalus is not detected any sounds on palpation, the size of the swelling reduced, but not as much as when the hernia, and not so fast.

How to fix the pathology?

After establishing the cause of the anomaly treatment of hydrocele in the newborn, usually not carried out, the experts take wait-and-see tactics until the boy is 2 years old.

In most cases, the disease takes place in the first months of life. Sometimes it can last for 1.5-2 years. Self-treatment is unacceptable, parents are recommended to periodically bring the baby for examination. If necessary, the doctor may prescribe ultrasound diagnostics.

If the swelling is small, all the treatment is limited only to observation. If the size of the tumor reaches a critical size or bothering the baby, the doctor will prescribe additional treatment to a puncture for pumping fluid. This procedure can be repeated periodically until the child reaches 2 years of age, not yet overgrown canal that connects the abdomen with the scrotum.

In severe cases, surgical treatment is required. The operation is simple, is not more than 40 minutes under General anesthesia in a hospital. Before the operation, conduct additional diagnostics to consider all possible outcomes of therapy.

There are several options for surgical treatment:

  • Winckelmann.
  • Bergman.
  • Lord.

They are all relatively similar, differ only in the place where the scrotum is cut. The decision on surgery is made by a doctor depending on the cause of the abnormality, the characteristics of the skin of the baby and considering further cosmetic effect. This is oftenoccurs during the operation.

Postoperative care involves the treatment of joints antiseptic after each diaper change and the implementation of the recommendations of the doctor. During the week you should not wet the seams. Surgery is need and if the edema has not passed independently until the age of 1.5-2 years.

To delay treatment should not be: fluid around the testicle and contributes to its overheating, and this can lead to infertility.
If the survey turns out that the baby has a hernia, the output is always the same – surgical treatment.

Recommendations to parents

Young parents don't get nervous before the birth of a boy. You should know that only 10% of boys are diagnosed hydrocele, of this amount, 80% is diagnosed with a closed type of hydrocephalus, which was successfully held for 2 years without any interventions.

If identified by the diagnosis of dropsy of the boy, parents don't need to panic. Most often it goes away, but in any case, the main Advisor must be a doctor. In any case it is not necessary to resort to non-traditional treatment methods and traditional medicine.