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Studies in Africa have proven the benefits of circumcision to fight AIDS

The people of Uganda began to carry out a circumcision for medical reasons, unexpectedly, this led to a reduction in the incidence of HIV. This test was conducted in connection with conducted in the U.S. the study proved reduction in the risk of HIV infection after circumcision. In recent years, men do not preach Islam, it became common to circumcise, resulting in less spread of HIV, statistics show.

Countries where the main religion is Islam, have the lowest percentage of HIV infection, but Muslims circumcision is done at birth, which eliminates the purity of the evidence of experience. But the incident of circumcision in Uganda is a clear example of the benefits of circumcision in the fight against AIDS. A year earlier, a similar experiment was conducted in the southern regions of Africa and the result was the same: at the population level, HIV infection is sharply reduced. The coincidence of results even with very encouraging statistics, but according to many scientists, are not a guaranteed proof of the benefits of circumcision. However, the popularity of circumcision in the world's population after research, has increased dramatically.