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MRI misses 16% of tumors of the prostate

American Association of urologists at the regular annual meeting announced the results of a study aimed at the effectiveness of MRI in the diagnosis of prostate cancer. According to statistics, during magnetic resonance imaging, every sixth patient leaves the walls of the medical facilities are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Only method of diagnosis using MRI misses 16% of tumors of the prostate, which is an extremely high indicator of its ineffectiveness.

More than 100 subjects of men have gone through MRI and biopsy of the prostate. The study found that biopsionnomu needle is the most effective in the diagnosis of cancers at the moment. Before this discovery it was believed that MRI is the most simple and direct method of diagnosing cancer in men. However, a year ago, Australian scientists had proved the efficiency of MRI in the diagnosis of prostate cancer, compared to ultrasound. The effectiveness of MRI above and at the time of diagnosis about 90%, i.e. with MRI in patients virtually no chance to get false positive diagnosis of cancer.