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Scientists from Egypt proved that the use of ftorhinolona causes prostatitis

Application ftorhinolona before the biopsy of the prostate in men causes of prostatitis in 87% of men. Scientists from Egypt conducted a study in which was examined the case histories of more than 100 patients, undergoing a biopsy procedure of the prostate, as well as their state of health during the month after surgery.

10% of patients had acute prostatitis. Scientists have demonstrated the effect of ftorhinolon on the development of prostatitis in men. Also in the comparative statistics, prostatitis after ftorinol was found in 17% of patients, while in the absence of cases of prostatitis was seen in only 4%. Another procedure that reduces the risk of prostatitis is an enema before the biopsy. Thus, to minimize the risk of prostatitis in patients undergoing biopsy of the prostate, it is important to exclude using ftorinol. To further reduce risk it is recommended that the enema before the biopsy procedure.