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Night shift: violation of biorhythms and potency

Man at all times carries a particularly distinguished duty. To provide all the vital needs of the family. Therefore, when choosing a place of work prefer shift. They say, and pay for night shifts and work seems to need less, and a free daytime family enough. And to sleep after a night and a day, an hour or two to solve the problem of leisure.

But these delights of shift work have their own quite serious negative side. What they manifest:

Together with the violation of sleep and wakefulness, of man's body is in a state of constant low-intensity stress.

Wrong, from the point of view of nature, mode of life leads to the violation of developing Gomonov of the hypothalamus and premature aging.

In tissues and brain centers that occur physiological changes that are the consequences of unproductive sleep rhythm. One of the most dangerous signs is blindness, and some men, comes complete blindness.

Amid strenuous physical or mental work at night for several years, the process of accelerated aging of the brain. This causes headaches, symptoms of hypertension and ischemia of the tissues and hemorrhage in the meninges.

It follows that the normal mode of operation, the rest of the night and active by day is the key to a long and productive men's health.

Those who visited the Mediterranean countries, knows how different local men from visiting. Despite the age and social position, wealth and physical activity, they invariably cheerful, temperamental and very sexy. What is the secret? Largely in feeding habits.