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What is the danger of a sedentary lifestyle for men

Based on the anatomy and physiology of the male body is a very delicate instrument, for quality setting which affects the way of life. Consider what factors influence the male body.

No matter how prestigious it leadership chair, it carries many dangers, among which are the following:

  1. Violation of blood supply to the pelvic area and its timely outflow creates an overflow of the venous pool. Stagnation in the vascular system leads to inflammatory processes and reduced potency. The second stage is rapidly progressive prostatitis.
  2. The increase of fat layer, the appearance of extra weight, special thickening of fat in the abdomen and buttocks, that may be the first hormonal signal of future failures in the male body. This is also a sign of loss of muscle tone.
  3. The decline in the quality of the bowel entails prolonged constipation and enlargement of intestinal veins – hemorrhoids.
  4. All kinds of violations structure of the spine resulting in thinning of the intervertebral cartilage, and herniation of the spine. The weakening of the articular ligaments of the knee, hip and ankle joints.

And it's not all that can bring so coveted chair or visible in dreams chair responsible employee. There is no denying that the career is a great aspiration. However, at the highest chair do not forget about their own health. Modern researches allow to learn a lot. An unexpected discovery was the conclusion that the internal clock of the body of men very subtly respond to changes in the rhythm of life and work. Special effects of the time factor manifests itself in long-term and sustainable active work at night.