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Useful or harmful use Shark oil for joints (manual with prices and reviews)

Shark oil – a natural medicinal component which is part of the preparations for treatment of joints. It is used in folk medicine for centuries, his praise in their reviews patients, positive comments and doctors. Medications with shark fat is prescribed in hospitals, and its efficacy and safety are confirmed by numerous clinical studies.


Today we will take a closer look at drugs that contain fat shark: learn indications and contraindications, learn about the different types of drugs, describe the instruction manual. And most importantly – consider competent doctors. What method of therapy is the most effective.

What is the efficiency

Effectiveness shark fat in the treatment of the joints is that it:

  1. Gradually reduces pain, eliminates inflammation.
  2. Warms up the muscles, preventing their damage during exercise.
  3. Activates blood flow in the tissues and thereby improves their nutrition.
  4. Helps to restore damaged joints.
  5. Improves the quality of synovial fluid that reduces friction between joints.

How it works...

Creams and pills containing shark oil, are assigned in the following diseases:

  • Arthritis.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Low back pain.
  • Sports injuries.
  • Stiffness and crunching in the joints.

What is

Use shark fat that it is rich in various trace elements, which have a therapeutic effect on sore joints. That's how much of the substances contained in the fat extracted from the liver of sharks:

  • Squalene is a substance acts as antimicrobial, anticancer and antifungal agents. Promotes a more rapid regeneration of damaged cells. Has the ability to bind "bad" cholesterol, preventing its deposition in the vessels. Blocks damaging to joints is the action of some enzymes.
  • Squalamine – its good that he is very good at helping to fight viruses and inflammation. Moreover, it facilitates the suspension of destruction of the joints and vertebrae – retains water in the cartilage and it becomes more elastic.
  • Natural glycerin makes the walls of blood vessels stronger and more elastic, improves the structure of muscle.
  • Polyunsaturated acids allow the tissue to better absorb nutrients (including compounds with protein-based).
  • Vitamin a – reduces muscular-skeletal pain, and prevents osteomalacia bones.
  • Vitamin D – plays an important role in the healthjoints, as it helps the tissues to absorb calcium (a mineral needed for healthy joints and bones).
  • Vitamin E – has a bracing effect. Its antioxidant properties allow you to control free radicals. The shortage of this vitamin, there is a rapid cell damage, including cells of cartilaginous and bony tissues.
  • Copper and iron – reduce joint pain, relieve swelling due to the fact that eliminate stagnant education, improves blood flow.
  • Zinc supports normal muscle contraction, strengthens ligaments, improves blood flow to internal tissues. Controls the synthesis of proteins, stimulates enzyme reactions, promotes active metabolism of nucleic acids.
  • The iodine is getting into the blood vessels, it spreads and has a bactericidal effect in the capillaries. Provokes vasodilation, thereby improving blood circulation. Because of this effect, eliminates stagnation in the inflamed joint.

Learn more...

We would like to stay on the drugs, which in addition to the fat shark includes chondroitin and glucosamine. Such means are, for instance, ointment Shungite, Shark cartilage and Shark oil in capsules. The use of such funds is that they not only provide symptomatic relief (stop the pain and remove the swelling), but also help to restore the crumbling structure of the joints:

  1. Glucosamine is an important building blocks of connective tissue. The harm of lack of glucosamine is that the cartilage becomes brittle, the tissues of the joints lose their elasticity. Cream with glucosamine helps to strengthen the joints and also promotes better absorption of nutrients, does not allow the calcium to leach from bones.
  2. Chondroitin – is involved in the synthesis of synovial fluid, which plays the role of a shock absorber between the joints (prevents excessive friction between them). Chondroitin stimulates the regeneration of cartilage and bone tissues

Feature of drugs with chondroitin and glucosamine that they do not act immediately. These substances are very slow to accumulate in the body, and the course of treatment with creams, ointments, tablets can be from 2 to 5 months.

The principle use of medicines

Describe how to use medicines.

  • Method of application of ointment, cream, gel.

Ointment, gel or cream with shark oil in the squeezed based on the location of the severe pain and rubbed gently massaging for 1-2 minutes. For best results, after applying the cream or ointment need to bundle up with a warm scarf orscarf, to the pores open and the tool quickly infiltrated the tissue. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day. If cream is treated trauma or injury, after the disappearance of pain the drug can be discontinued. If the tool is used for the treatment of arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis, it is necessary to smear for months. More exact timing should be seen in the instructions for use to a particular drug.

  • Method of administration tablets, capsules.

Fat shark, manufactured in the form of tablets or capsules, you can take 2 pieces per day (manual allows you to drink 3 in acute periods). The duration of the course, as in the case of cream, is 4-5 weeks. Before you start taking should consult with your doctor, as may in a particular case may require stronger medications.

What do the doctors say...

Important things to remember before starting therapy

Before treatment it is advisable not to forget about the following:

  • Drugs with shark fat in basis in any case can not be used as the sole drug in the treatment of arthritis, arthrosis or degenerative disc disease – in this case, they will bring not benefit, but harm. Fat shark is suitable only for complex therapy prescribed by your doctor. Alone cream will help for minor injuries or as a prevention of these diseases.
  • The effect of medicines containing shark oil, is cumulative. That is, they will not act as much as reinforced synthetic painkillers or anti-inflammatory, but the effect lasts longer than that of symptomatic drugs.
  • Fat shark has one major contra-indication – it will cause harm to someone who has an Allergy to active substances or excipients – med, Laurel, parsley, ginger, bee venom, etc.). In other cases, the prohibitions for use of preparations based on shark body of fat.
  • Warming creams and ointments with shark oil, pepper, ginger, bee venom and formic acid should be taken carefully, because if you spread funds more than indicated in the instructions, it is possible to obtain a light burn. For this reason, you should not apply the gel to skin with open wounds.

To summarize: it is not surprising that fat Shark leave so many positive feedback. This tool is very good to cope with the pain and swelling, helps to saturate the tissues of the joints with nutrients. The democratic value, the minimum number of contraindications and ease of use make drugs with Shark fat is very common forthe initial stages of treatment of arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, injuries, bruises and sprains.

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Valentine, 54:

Cons of the cream with shark fat is not noticed. Relieves pain somewhere in the 4-5-th application. It is quite affordable price. However, one tube use for six months.

Dimitri, 36 years:

Use the ointment with worsening of his rheumatoid arthritis. Acts more slowly than tablets of Panadol, but: 1) the cream are natural; 2) after completing a full course of pain for a very long time will not be returned; 3) very nice price.

Sergey, 41:

Use before workouts. Smear his injured knee. Like the cream with shark oil and red pepper. Warms up instantly.

Tatyana, 40 years:

For 7 years I am suffering from back pain. Saw the usual painkillers – they literally removed the pain for an hour or two, but it all comes back the next day. Put the injections very painful and expensive. Went to physiotherapy and massage outbreaks still occur. This year I bought a fat Shark. It's been 3 months after completion of the course, and the pain never returned. I am very happy!

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