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What is a drop ELKOPLAST: truth or deception (with the prices and the actual reviews)

Alcohol – not that other, as permitted by law psychoactive drug. Attractive a sense of euphoria, increased activity, or, conversely, relaxation of intoxication enters the body in a strong dependence on ethanol.

баночка препарата

There are many drugs to aid in the fight against alcoholism. Today we have a closer look at the drops Acoprot. In the opinions people Express their concerns – the drug has a low price and natural ingredients, so there are doubts about the real effectiveness of the drops. Let's find out whether drop ELKOPLAST or all the words about the quality of this method of treatment is divorce. As the drops are below.

To know the price...

The principle of operation

It is necessary to explain that the drops are not ELKOPLAST encoding means he has a different principle of operation and other instructions for use. Unfortunately, some people do not understand and in result write negative feedback, accusing the manufacturer of drug cheating. Let us look at the differences between the drops with the natural composition and synthetic blockers (powders, tablets, injections, implants):

  • Action.
  1. The effect of encoding tools (tablets, powders, implants) is based on the fact that substances for a certain period of time (until removed from the body) react with ethyl alcohol and immediately convert it into toxins. As a result, the patient is not experiencing the euphoria of alcohol, and much suffering (feels nausea, vomiting, dizziness, tachycardia, etc.) It causes psychological rejection of the person, knowing about the negative consequences, ceases to strive to drink.
  2. Natural drops ELKOPLAST: after the full course of treatment Alkoprom patients significantly strengthens the immune system, restores the supply of needed minerals and vitamins, normal mental balance. All this directly not cure alcoholism, but significantly improves the condition of the person and gives him more energy and strength to combat alcoholism.
  • Security.
  1. Coding tools (tablets, powders, implants) work immediately after the introduction and do (judging by the real reviews of doctors and patients) are able to eliminate the craving for alcohol. But such impacts are due to the rather aggressive substances in the composition. These substances have many contraindications and cause a lot of side effects, so without the knowledge of the patient to take them is impossible, and the treatment itself must be under the supervision of doctors.
  2. Tool ELKOPLAST reviews called one of the most harmless and gentle helpers in the fight against alcoholism. And it's not cheating. Natural ingredients are notable to cause any harm – on the contrary, it strengthens weakened from the constant drinking, the body, making it stronger. In addition to allergies on the part of any other contraindications have Acoprot no.

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The main components

Composition Acoprot natural. The main components are:

  1. The centaury. Against alcoholism this herb has been used since ancient times and, judging by the reviews, is used in folk medicine still. It is able to reduce withdrawal symptoms and relieve uncontrollable cravings for the new portion of alcohol. Also centaury helps to restore liver tissue, is responsible for the excretion of waste products of alcohol.
  2. Caribbean Artemia. These dried and powdered crustaceans help to rid the body of toxins and to cope with the negative influence of alcohol on internal organs recover after a long binge.
  3. Koprinus — this fungus is required to restore the nervous system. The person becomes more relaxed, is irritability, clears your mind.
  4. The beaver musk. Restores nervous system function, prevent depression, restores vitality, neutralizes the effect of remaining in the body of alcohol.

In addition to these components the composition Acoprot also includes rhododendron Adams, mint, Laurel, Angelica, thyme. These herbal remedies help to increase metabolism, withdraw toxins, and restore the circulatory system, brain, kidneys and liver.

How much is

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How much is the drug? Its price ranges from 890 to 1300 rubles. It is quite affordable price for the remedy of alcoholism. For comparison, here are prices for the analogues:

The name of the drug

Method of application (how much to take and how long is the course)

The approximate price

Leavin tablets

Daily 125-500 mg twice a day for 1-2 weeks.

1200 RUB.

Alcopanel powder

Daily one serving of powder (divorce is allowed in the water or food) during 3 weeks.

990 RUB.


2 times a day. The duration of the course is determined by the doctor individually.

5100 RUB.

Esperal tablets

Daily 1-2 tablets. The course is 7-10 days.


Alkospas powder

The powder is applied once a day. The course – 3-4 weeks

1100 RUB.


The implant is entered once and is valid for 6-12 months.

Was 5500 RUB. (minimum price)

You have to be patient

Of course, anyone who wants to make just one "magic pill" and once and for all get rid of the problem. But this is not the real drug producers have not yet learned to make. Alcoholism, like any other chronic disease, is not built in one day. Therefore, the treatment of alcoholism – the procedure is long, requiring patience and responsibility.

It is not necessary to use a drop ELKOPLAST without the consent of the patient. It will not harm his health, but the treatment will be ineffective. The fact that the drug is not able to cope with alcoholism – it acts in combination with other methods in the first place – with the psychological mood of the person for recovery. It is understood, then to not to write negative reviews that supposedly Alkoprom – deception. The drug quality, it is just necessary correctly to accept!

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Konstantin Aleksandrovich, doctor-narcologist:

ELKOPLAST can be used in the process of recovery from addiction. Drops not only helps to eliminate alcoholism and natural composition will help to improve the immunity and General condition. That's where better zakazivat


Despite the fact that Alcaplast is not recommended without knowledge of the person, I still quietly dripping their husband against their will he get rid of his addiction didn't said that he has no alcoholism. Two rounds: in the first three weeks of the effect was not, except that the hangover was easier, and the husband flew immediately in the morning sober (which threatened a protracted drinking bouts). Two months later repeated the course and, you know, for the past six months the husband drinks a little, feels great, happy and healthy.


It's nothing but Alcaplast in the pharmacies of my city is not for sale. You have to order online, wait for the courier to pay shipping on my iPad. The tool itself I was completely satisfied once ordered. Really helps to cope with addiction. Does not act immediately, but after a month of taking drink reallymuch less – does not pull.

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