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Instructions for use of drops Alkostop prices and reviews

The hangover from a biological point of view – the body's response to toxic substances that can harm the body. If a person has a reaction to the processing of ethanol is fast and the alcohol manages to quickly decompose on components in and out of the body, the hangover does not occur. If these reactions are slow and breakdown into components has been delayed for long hours, the man the morning after drinking, feels nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, body aches, General weakness.

упаковка препарата

Hangover, you can use various medications tablets, sprays, powders, solutions. Today we examine one of the quite popular (judging by reviews) medium – drops Alkostop 24. We learn how they operate, what is included in the composition, whether the drug contraindications, what are the instructions for use, does the facility to deal with alcoholism, as well as what they write about drops in the reviews.


To understand how any tablets, sprays, powders, it is necessary to study composition. So let's see what are the components of a drop Alkostop and how they help fight a hangover.

  1. Extract fibregum. Restores metabolic processes in the blood, disturbed by the adverse effects of acetaldehyde. Stimulates the intensive work of the kidneys, that is has a diuretic effect, so the remnants of the alcohol faster excreted from the body.
  2. Artichoke extract. Tones, improves brain function, relieves dizziness, eliminates headaches (providing such action is due to the normalization of blood pressure).
  3. Motherwort. Stimulates the liver – the main body engaged in the protection of organism from the action of poisons and toxins. Accelerates the body processes alcohol, helps to eliminate the poisonous products of decomposition that removes the symptoms of a hangover. Also helps to restore water balance. Helps in the fight against alcoholism.
  4. Vitamin B6. Helps the tissues of the internal organs to recover from the shock of the impact of alcohol. Activates the excretory system, allows faster to remove from the organism products of metabolism of ethyl alcohol.
  5. Succinic acid. Required to restore acid-base balance, normalization of metabolic processes and overall tone.

Features of use

The composition drops Alkostop harmless. But there is one insidious means minus. Yes, it helps to avoid the unpleasant consequences of excessive alcohol consumption, but it is the fear of the hangover often inhibits people and makes to control the amount of alcohol consumed. That's why tools that help cope with the symptoms of a hangover, dangerous for people with a predisposition toalcoholism.

On the other hand, in the case of treatment of alcoholism can be, oddly enough, are Alkostop (it's written in the instructions to the drug). But not as the main drug – then the drops will be useless as a tool for training patient with alcoholism to the subsequent encoding. The thing is that before installing the blocker, you must purify the body of man (the purification from the residues of ethanol) and removal of associated syndromes (including hangover) – to perform these tasks, you can use Alkostop.

How much are the drops? The price is about 1300 rubles. Stores often arrange discounts and sell the drops at the price of RUB 900-990 For comparison here are the prices for analogs: ДринкOFF (1 capsule) – 150 RUB, Alka-Seltzer (10 tablets) – 290 RUB, Antipohmelin (1 tablet) – 70 RUB., zoreks (10 tablets) – 188 RUB.

As you can see, the price of Alkostop above the cost of the other means from a hangover. But the drops have a number of advantages – first of all, judging by the user, one dose of 5 drops just thus bottle is enough for 10-12 applications. Second, unlike analog, Alkostop no synthetic components, it has natural compound is completely safe for health. Finally, in the third, according to the doctors, the drops can be used in complex treatment of patients with alcoholism (to cleanse the body before the encoding).



People, be careful, this Alkostop good help, but here is a fake – plain water, which has no effect.


Once bought POLYSORB and zoreks. Before was cool drugs, now spoiled, do not help. Buy now Alkostop. Is more expensive, but the bottle is enough for six months (I don't drink). Do quickly leads to the feeling after a stormy night.


For me personally, these drops really help, could be left without work. So I recommend this remedy is not divorce.


Alkostop hangover relieves bistro. After the first glass of drops diluted once it becomes easier (slightly subside the dizziness, not sick).