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Instructions for use of Dominator spray for men prices and reviews

Most men, despite age and status, wish their penis was longer or thicker. Today, this desire is not impossible – you can increase using a mechanical pump, a special stretching device or to go under the surgeon's knife. It's painful, long and expensive, but the result is guaranteed. There is more simple and budget option is to buy a spray Dominator for men. This product has a natural composition. Components are completely harmless and can cause a small increase in the length and width of the penis and in addition to improve the potency (erection, prolong the duration of sex). At least, as advertising promises.

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True words about the effectiveness of the spray control device or those words – divorce for suckers? Let's understand this we will examine the structure, principle of operation, as well as read what about the Dominator users write real reviews.

General information

General information:

  • Trade name: the Dominator
  • Action: application for penis enlargement and enhance potency
  • Contraindications: Allergy to the components included in the composition
  • Product form: spray in a bottle with dispenser
  • Usage: only for external local application
  • Volume: 30 ml
  • Manufacturer: Pottinger (USA)
  • Approximate price: 910-1300 rubles
  • Main counterparts: Maxsize cream, spray Maxi size (Maxisize), gel Titan Gel (Titan Gel), spray Stud 500

Advantages over other methods

The claim is that all who have tried the Dominator, surely be satisfied. Men in their reviews praise the tool for that:

  1. The spray is cheap – its price is much less than the cost of augmentation of a member.
  2. Spray Dominator easy to apply – it instructions for use is extremely simple.
  3. The drug has a neutral smell, light texture, leaves no residue, does not cause adverse reactions.
  4. Has natural ingredients, a minimum of contraindications (it is only prohibited if you are allergic to components), can be used by all men.
  5. Shows the result immediately after application – according to the reviews, local the increase starts within 2-4 minutes.
  6. After using the spray Dominator penis will increase by at least 2 cm, maximum 7 cm.
  7. Apart from increasing the penis Dominator strengthens erections, increases duration of sexual intercourse.

How to use the tool

Bottle of spray the Dominator is equipped with a measuring pipette, so that the control means is quite simple. Each session should be two or three zilch. Agent should apply by massaging movements on sexualcock, gently stretching the skin of the penis.

Instructions say to use the spray can one – time for short-term short-term penis enlargement. And it is possible to complete a full course during 1-1,5 months (at the rate of just one bottle). Judging by the real reviews from customers, it helps to improve potency, and also serves as an excellent preventative measure against diseases of the genitourinary system (due to a variety of useful minerals in the composition).

Cost comparison with the rates for other procedures

Some reviewers write that the spray is very expensive. It's not true. Its price is 900-1300 rubles. Bottle is enough for a full course. For comparison, prices on other treatments and drugs for penis enlargement.

Pricing depends on funds

Way to increase penis

Estimated price in rubles

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STUD spray 500


So, we told about the main features of spray Dominator. This tool is not cheating – it really allows you to achieve penis enlargement. However, you should not write negative reviews, when you notice that this effect is short-term. So it should be! But this tool is affordable, completely safe and good for potency. It has no contraindications (except Allergy to components) and can be used by all men.




Increases by 5 centimeters. It is a pity that the result is short-lived. By the way, after applying a little tingling, but nothing critical, it istolerable and does not interfere with sex.


Love with his wife to try new drugs. However, our experiments did not hurt, buy only natural products. Dominator we liked. Well increased penis, and the result held for almost an hour. If you do not want to get a fake order here http://dominator-spray.com/


I also liked it. Increased body 4-5 inches. For such a result, money is not sorry.

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