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Instructions for use of the drug Erogan (Arahan) for potency prices and reviews

For men who are not indifferent to their potency, released a special product with a "speaking" name – Erogan (Arohan). Drops and capsules are designed to improve sexuality, increase libido and raise sexual pleasure to its maximum height. The reviews of those who have already tried Aragan, confirm that to date this drug is the most popular in a series of similar funds. Characteristics and price of the product (as it stands) is below.

упаковка препарата

The solution to erection problems

Reduced potency sooner or later any man, and it may be associated with psychological problems, or age problems with health. In any case, need active measures, and one of them drops Erogan, high-quality and proven drug containing no harmful components and guarantees a stable result.

Why is a drug called Arohan? Responding to feedback from professionals and patients, it is possible to draw some conclusions, showing how much the means of effect:

  1. Enhances libido and strengthens erections.
  2. Acts quickly.
  3. The quality of sex improves.

In addition, a means to improve the potency Arohan, according to clinical studies, completely safe for the body men, and its cost is particularly attractive for those who are looking for the best option in the ratio "price – quality".

Why Erogan is the drug of choice for most couples? Analyzing the feedback on the official website of the grateful consumers, to understand what makes Arogan so popular.

The following list of functions are the means (pills, capsules) performs at 100 %:

  1. Enhances the attraction.
  2. Increases the duration of sexual intercourse.
  3. Contributes to the normalization of the reproductive organs.

In addition, the instruction for use is made in such a way that to understand it will almost any person with no experience in medicine.

Both partners will feel that force potency has increased several times, which will give an opportunity not to be limited to 1-10 minute merge, and to enjoy the euphoria as long as you need.

What is included in the tool

By what power potency in men increases several times? It's all in the composition Erogan, due to the natural components on the reproductive organs of a man and provided the final effect. During clinical studies it was found that Erogan is a means, not having in its composition any synthetic components. How true this is, can be understood by reading the list of ingredients included in the composition of the drug for potency.

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The secrets of using

How to use pills to enhance potency and how much of the effect of their actions? The tool is used strictly according to instructions, but in some cases, they adjust the dosage, absolutely identical situations.

Pills for potency Erogan is used:

  • For occasional failures when intercourse rarely misfires. Regimen, depending on age:
  1. From 25 to 50 years in the capsule a day, every day.
  2. Over 60 years of age – one tablet a day, every day.
  • When To correct serious erectile disorders. In this case the drug is taken in high doses: 1 capsule twice a day, repeat the reception a day later.

This difference in use is explained by many factors, including lifestyle men, its physiological characteristics to withstand stress, overall health status. Men to take the pill Erogan is recommended in strictly defined doses. Do not exceed the load on the heart and blood vessels, it might end with an intimate Serenade, and a hospital bed.

The end result

What the end effect should be expected when taking Arogan? Based on the fact that the drug has no contraindications and in strict compliance with the instructions for use, the result will be excellent. The only caution of the doctors – the presence of individual reactions to one of the components, although in practice such cases was not fixed.

Erogan – the drug is new, but has already earned positive reviews from consumers and professionals. Results are described as follows:

  1. After the first dose there is an increase in vitality, a strong and persistent erection.
  2. Change of feelings, improved well-being. The man feels a surge of desire from the thought of sexual intercourse, it occurs naturally, without the involvement of stimulants.
  3. A month of regular use – and the couple gets pleasure from high-quality intimate intercourse.

How to be ready for a three-hour sexual marathon in 20-30 minutes? It is necessary to turn to the ancient recipe of the Tibetan monks from Drepung monastery. From ancient times they were famous for their ability to heal disease, including return men lost potency.

Based on the unique elixir was created the modern tablet Erogan. They are best absorbed by the body and the drops are easy to use – you can add them to water or any soft drinks.

The procedure for the acquisition


The main thing you need to remember pills or drops (capsule) Erogan is not necessary to buy third-party, untrusted resources. They do not give 100% guarantee to increase potency, and there are no quality certificates.

Erogan is not the cost can be very low production costs and high quality raw materials is very high, however, the manufacturers, wishing to please men, organize events, during which the product can be purchased for 50 % of the cost. The price Erogan will suit everyone, without exception, it is available for all budgets.

The final cost of the exciting means varies depending on the region of delivery.


Price without delivery


990 RUB.


13990 AMD


59 lions


5390 tenge


24 Euro


29 euros


60 francs

Special conditions

For most men Erogan harmless, the components of the means are very soft to the centers responsible for the potency, normalize psycho-emotional state, give confidence in their abilities.

Limitation to the use provided for those who have noticed:

  1. Consistently high blood pressure.
  2. Insomnia.
  3. Irritability.
  4. Fever.

Due to the presence of the drug, ginseng has stimulating and stimulating properties, the admission should be strictly monitored or avoided.

Despite the fact that Erogan can be mixed with any drinks, doctors still recommend avoiding energy drinks and alcohol and not exceed the dosage. How many useful tool — in many respects it depends on the person.

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Paramonov, Sergey V., doctor-the sexologist:

Their customers I recommend the drug Erogan (Arohan). In my experience, it returns old feelings and great sexual experience even for those couples who have lived manyyears together and how they seem to have lost their senses.

Arkady, 43 years:

Once overheard my better half with a friend where she complained about my failure in bed and "transience". Frustrating, but I decided not to make a scandal, but to rectify the situation. The site found information about Erogan, ordered and took exactly a couple of weeks, and then brought in front of the woman as young. Now I am sure that she only praises me. That would not get a fake order better on the official website

Alexander, 29 years old:

My age is in intimate terms with a "hoo" but due to problems in business, fell into a severe depression and lost meaning in everything, even in sex. A long conversation with the doctor and recommendations for the use of Erogan gradually gave me confidence that everything will work out. Indeed, a month later, I already twisted with the ladies, and had not thought about problems with potency.

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