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The effect of folic acid on a man (instruction manual with prices and reviews)

Folic acid for men is an extremely important vitamin, contributing to the successful conception. According to scientists, the use of folic acid has a positive effect on the male reproductive system, improving sperm quality and lowering the number of gametes with an incorrect number of chromosomes. Why we need folic acid and zinc the male half of humanity, what is their use and how to properly take these drugs?

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Positive impact

Folic acid is vitamin B9, which is the beneficial effect on the body, strengthening the immune, nervous and cardiovascular systems. That's why you need to consume this ingredient in the required dosage! The effectiveness of the product is greatly enhanced if parallel make and even zinc. Of course, folic acid is useful not only guys but also girls. However, in the male body folic acid performs a specific function contributing to a successful pregnancy in couples.

In addition, the use of folic acid, as indicated by the instructions for use, is to achieve the following therapeutic effects:

  1. A beneficial effect on the state of the hematopoietic system.
  2. Improvement of appetite.
  3. Activation of the processes of digestion and breakdown of proteins.
  4. Improving the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.
  5. Strengthening the immune system.
  6. Prevention of atherosclerosis.
  7. A beneficial effect on the formation of DNA-cells (which is especially important when planning conception).

In addition, if systematically taking this remedy, it is possible to greatly increase the number of motile spermatozoa in a biological material and to enhance their penetration activity that contributes to the onset of conception. So the answer to the question of why men need to drink folic acid, and how it is useful is obvious. This vitamin has earned many positive reviews of patients taking it during pregnancy. In addition, the price of this drug is quite affordable and accessible to all segments of the population.

Testimonials from patients and professionals indicate that this drug with caution if you have suffering from epilepsy and severe diseases of the nervous system.

Folic acid for men is undoubtedly a valuable vitamin that has a beneficial effect on the entire body. However, in some cases, the use of vitamin preparations can cause a number of adverse reactions. The most common side effects that are considered to be:

  • the development of allergicreactions;
  • the appearance of a skin rash;
  • hyperthermia;
  • the appearance of spasms in the bronchial region;
  • erythema.

Note that in most cases the emergence of listed adverse reactions is observed, when consumed folic acid and zinc in long-term, uncontrolled, significantly exceeding the dosage. To avoid such unpleasant manifestations, before you take vitamins, you need to consult with a qualified professional, and carefully read the information that contains the instructions for use.

Shape of release and the cost

Folic acid and zinc are present in small quantities in dairy products, citrus fruits, nuts, and greens. However, when planning a pregnancy, doctors recommend to consume these vitamins in tablet form that provides them with the necessary concentration in the body. Moreover, the drugs are sold in any drugstore and the price is quite reasonable and acceptable to most patients.

The average price for a package that includes twenty tablets of vitamins, is 75 rubles (25 UAH). In sale there are vitamin complexes, which include a variety of vitamins, folic acid, zinc and other trace elements. The price of such vitamin complexes may vary depending on the manufacturer and the pharmacy network. The average price complex vitamin preparations is from 300 to 1000 rubles (111-210).

Additional recommendations

To folic acid is well absorbed by the body, bringing the maximum benefit, experts advise to follow the following rules regarding its use:

  1. Optimum absorption of folic acid occurs when the parallel use of zinc and vitamin C.
  2. Voliva acid does not accumulate in the body, so in order to achieve a full effect to use the vitamins you need regularly and systematically to maintain a certain concentration of the substance in the body.
  3. Since the use of alcoholic beverages adversely affects the performance of folic acid in the body during the therapeutic process it is necessary to refuse from alcohol.

In addition, according to doctors, the level of folic acid adversely affected the treatment of antibiotic and hormonal drugs, depression, and nicotine disorders in the digestive system. Therefore, future fathers are encouraged to undergo a medical examination and to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Folic acid for men – a very important element when planning a pregnancy, to improve the quality of genetic material needed for the birth of the light of healthy baby.

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Nikolay Egorov, 35 years:

For several years my wife and I tried unsuccessfully to conceive a child, but, despite the fact that all medical records were in order, pregnancy does not occur. On the recommendation of a doctor a few months drinking drugs folic acid and zinc. Literally six months later, the wife got pregnant! Now preparing for the baby's arrival. The doctor says that the pregnancy is proceeding normally, and the fruit develops without any abnormalities.

Andrey Alekseev, 27 years:

My wife and I very responsibly approached the question of pregnancy planning. So preparing for it in advance, including taking folic acid. The result – a healthy and fully developed baby, who will soon be turning two years old! Don't know how big this achievement is folic acid, but, in my opinion, it is better to err.

Nikita Artamonov, 42:

I have had problems with conception. Only three years ago became a happy father. Preparing for this event for a long time. For six months prior to planning conception refused cigarettes, alcohol, and began to lead a healthy lifestyle, taking vitamins and folic acid. All this gave great results!