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The composition and application of Chinese ointment for psoriasis King of skin (with prices and reviews)

King of skin — innovative Chinese ointment for psoriasis and other pathologies of a dermatological nature. Cream and ointment King are unique herbal ingredients and has already won many positive reviews from patients and dermatologists. Consider in more detail the application of the ointment, its range of action and therapeutic properties.

упаковка препарата


Chinese cream for psoriasis King of skin is a medical broad-spectrum drug that is actively used in the field of modern medicine for fighting skin diseases. Natural ointment the King, including the unique healing plant components ensures the achievement of the following therapeutic effects:

  • Softening psoriatic plaques.
  • Normalization processes microcirkulatornogo character in the upper layers of the skin.
  • Increase local immunity.
  • Prevention of the development of related complications.
  • The elimination of the inflammatory processes.
  • The alignment of the surface layer.
  • Activation of processes of regeneration in nature, localized in the upper layers of the epidermis.
  • Elimination of skin rashes.
  • The restoration of the affected areas.
  • Prevention of possible recurrence.
  • Intensive nourishment of the skin with nutrients.

Chinese ointment the King, as the instruction, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, moisturizing, antibacterial, cooling and soothing effects.

Testimonials from patients who have used in practice the cream for therapy of psoriasis, the King of the skin, suggests that regular use of the product significantly improves the condition of the skin, eliminates irritation, a feeling of itching, burning and dryness of the skin, characteristic of psoriases disease.

What is

Chinese cream for psoriasis King of skin has a rich, exclusively of natural composition. Consider the components of the ointment more details:

  1. Sandalwood has soothing and cooling effect, helps eliminate itching and burning of the skin characteristic of psoriasis.
  2. Ketoconazole is a natural hormone that promotes destruction of pathogenic microorganisms causing diseases of dermatological character. According to doctors, the Chinese ointment includes such a small amount of hormone that this drug is considered a non-hormonal, and therefore its use is completely safe.
  3. Tulsi — it has a powerful antiseptic effect, has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin. Helps to get rid of the irritation,is characterized by wound-healing effect.
  4. Turmeric includes a number of useful substances, vitamins and essential oils that improve the condition of the skin. Has antitoxic and anti-inflammatory effects.
  5. Niim is a unique ingredient that provides antipruritic, antimicrobial and tonic effect. Helps quickly and efficiently eliminate flaking, itching and excessive dryness that is often observed in psoriasis.
  6. Kapoor kacheri is a natural antiseptic, providing a powerful anti-inflammatory effects. It is thanks to this component, Chinese cream for psoriasis the King of the skin helps promptly eliminate the painful symptoms typical of psoriasis.
  7. Estimado — natural remedy that possesses antihistamine, soothing, regenerating and anti-allergic effects.

In some cases, the use of Chinese ointment the King of the skin, in spite of its natural composition, it is not recommended and may cause the patient significant harm. This manual contains information about the following contraindications to the use of drugs:

  1. Hypersensitivity of the epidermis.
  2. Individual intolerance and hypersensitivity to specific components of the drug.
  3. Cancer of the skin.
  4. The presence of rosacea.
  5. Diseases of the liver occurring in an acute form.
  6. Actinomycosis.
  7. Bacterial and fungal infections of the skin.
  8. Varicella.
  9. Dermatitis perioral.

In addition, the use of the drug is not recommended for pregnant women, lactating mothers and young patients under the age of one year.

As evidenced by reviews patients cream for psoriasis King of skin is well tolerated, not causing pathological effects on the body. However, in some cases, it can trigger the development of the following side effects:

  • Hyperemia.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Nausea.
  • Toxic hepatitis.
  • Pain in the abdomen.
  • Atrophy of the skin.
  • Striae.
  • T.
  • Violations of the processes of pigmentation of the skin.

The cost

Patients interested in the question of where to purchase the drug and how much is it worth? The medication comes in the form of a cream. You can buy it in pharmacies and in online stores and place your order on the official website of the manufacturer.

The price of the tools readily available and acceptable to most citizens. The cost of the drug can vary depending on the pricing policy of a particular network. So, the price of the packaging of cream in the online stores is about four hundredrubles. Price in pharmacies varies from five hundred to seven hundred roubles. The average price of this cream in Ukraine — one hundred and fifty – one hundred and seventy hryvnia.

Chinese cream for psoriasis the King of the skin — an effective tool for the treatment and prevention of disease. To achieve maximum favorable results before beginning treatment it is recommended to consult a specialist regarding the exact dosage and duration of the therapeutic course.


Larisa Parfenova, 36 years:

I suffer from psoriasis for the past six years. I tried a lot of different tools, but the results left much to be desired. The doctor advised me to try the cream King of the skin. After a week the condition of the skin noticeably improved, was itching, burning and discomfort.

Nicholas Gurtovenko, 56 years:

Treatment for psoriasis cream from the King of the skin for a month. During this time psoriaznae times visibly pale and reduced in size. New rashes do not appear. The result I am satisfied.

Alina Nikonov, 44 years:

Psoriasis affects more than a year. The choice of ointments always been problematic for me, many funds have caused an allergic reaction or did not give almost any effect. Chinese cream King skin was a revelation for me. The drug really well eliminates the unpleasant symptoms, prolongs the remission period and it does not cause any side effects.