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Varieties of patches from back pain with prices and reviews

Patch from joint pain, back refers to the local methods of treating the pain symptom, not the disease itself that caused the pain. This method of treatment can quickly drown out the discomfort, to help eliminate the causes of its development.


Why it hurts

The causes of back pain can be very different. Their appearance is connected with defeat of various departments of the back, its structural formations.

  1. Most often it is neuralgia, myositis, associated with local inflammation of the soft tissues (skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles) or irritation of the nerves the inflammatory process. Sometimes this skin lesions of the nerve endings caused by the herpes virus causes a painful, powerful, long-lasting pain.
  2. Back pain can be the result of acute trauma to the soft tissues of the back, chronic tension in her muscles, especially in the lower back, because of the forced posture. Such States occur frequently in athletes, truck drivers.
  3. Back pain can occur in all its departments osteochondrosis of different localization. This pain is accompanied by sensations of stiffness, crunching during movement of the spine. It periodically intensifies, it becomes unbearable, forcing him to take a forced posture, which helps to alleviate the pain.
  4. Back pain is a frequent manifestation of disorders of posture, especially when scoliosis with displacements of the vertebral bodies. It has different intensity, permanent, takes place at a "discharge" positions – lying face up on a dense surface, when wearing corrective corsets, when swimming.
  5. Similar are the nature of back pain, lower back in advanced osteoporosis. These pains are aggravated by any exertion. Often there are broken bones, no serious injuries, the so-called "pathological" fractures due to brittle bones (vertebral bodies).
  6. Back pain, especially suddenly appeared, may be a signal of serious pathology of internal organs (mediastinitis, aortic aneurysm, coronary artery disease, pancreatitis, kidney disease). Such pain requires urgent involvement of doctors, clarify the cause, immediate initiation of treatment.
  • Patches containing chemical medications analgesic potency. It can be local anesthetics (lidocaine), NSAIDs (diclofenac, voltaren, ketorol).
  • Patches of mixed content. For example, warming Intrarich Cool Korean production has a composition with anti-inflammatory component (glycol salicylate), menthol, pepper extract. Cooling treatment this product contains no Hot pepper component, reviews claim that it is poorly relieve.

The most popular andeffective

Consider the most popular types of analgesic patches. The most numerous group comes from the East (supplier – China). Chinese products are popular consumers get good reviews.

  • Orthopedic plaster Zb pain relief, China manufacturer. The drug layer contains 10 Orthopedic plaster herbal components. Herbal ingredients complex effect on the pain:
  1. Ginseng – contains immunomodulators General, local actions, vitamins, saponins, improving skin condition, relieving local inflammation.
  2. Cistanche is a plant known for its antiseptic effect. In the old days they successfully treated syphilis.
  3. Militia – has anti-inflammatory effect, reduces swelling of tissues at the application site.
  4. Drynaria – has antispasmodic action.
  5. Cibotium – normalizes vascular permeability.
  6. Angelica is recognized by its analgesic effect.
  7. Ginura – has anti-inflammatory properties, promotes rapid healing of wounds.
  8. Safflower – helps anesthetic action of other herbs, improving blood flow to the skin and muscles.
  9. Corydalis – it has a pronounced analgesic effect.
  10. Camphor, the opinion of Chinese doctors, is a required component in the local application for improving blood circulation in the adjacent tissues.

Orthopedic plaster Zb pain relief has wide application due to its pronounced analgesic action. Orthopedic plaster is pasted athletes on the lower back, muscle sprains, bruises. The Chinese manufacturer has provided several types of products.

  • The plaster Zb pain relief orthopedic for joints (pack of 10) for reducing back pain, lower back, joints. Analgesic plaster Zb pain relief orthopedic relieves severe pain in the lower back, the back. Can be used in the acute exacerbation of osteochondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis, muscle aches and pains.
  • Used in urological problems orthopedic Plaster prostatic, his modification of the prostatic navel Plaster, improves circulation of pelvic organs. Chinese prostatic navel Plaster used for chronic prostatitis, back pain, disorders of potency. Prostatic navel Plaster is pasted on the stomach at the navel, where, according to doctors, better absorbability content treatment prostatic navel Plaster layer.

How much time to use every sticker is a natural question. The manual indicates that it can be used as a 2–3суток, after a break for a day you can stick the following. Just use 5 pieces (how many it in the packaging). Medical layer of adhesive has a composition of herbal extracts: gem, plantain, safflower, cinnamon, Corydalis, camphor.

The instructions recommend its use with frequent urination,especially with pain, impotence. It is advisable to repeat 2-3 of the course, how much you need, if you require a problem. The manual warns that during use of the patch is not recommended the use of sharp, salty foods, and alcohol. In addition, it should not be used if you are allergic to any of the components of the composition.

Other varieties of Chinese herbal pain patches contain a snake or bee venom, different combinations of plant components. It's the patches with fancy names: Black jade, Lao Gaoyao, Xinyi, Green tiger.

It's safe to say that the use of plasters with pain in the back is a good ancillary procedure in the treatment of many diseases. We must not forget about the possible contraindications to their use, should consult with doctor about treatment.



I bought a Chinese patch husband (the one glued to the belly button). After 2 months, ceased to complain of pain in the perineum. Was treated for prostatitis for several years, the pain did not pass.


For any pain on the back glue the band-aid. Helps, proven. Cheap and effective.