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It helps Valgus Pro Valgus Pro valgus of the foot (big toe) reviews

One of the common problems among age categories over 40 years old is a deformity of the big toe and the formation of a seal in the form of cones. This pathology leads to a gradual increasing discomfort while wearing shoes and cause pain. The reasons for the formation of such diseases as valgus feet quite a lot. The most common include: wearing tight shoes with high heels, diabetes, osteoporosis. In children the cause of hallux valgus is the early formation of the legs and wearing mismatched shoes. For a long time the treatment of this disease in its advanced stage was the surgical. The situation changed appearance such as Valgus About.

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Mechanism of action

Valgus pro is a gel clip. It is used for the treatment of deformity of the big toe, and with the prophylactic purpose. Valgus Pro can be used in both adults and children. The most popular, as indicated by customer reviews, is Valgus Plus company medikus.

Valgus pro consists of inserts that are created from gel medical material. It must be worn on the thumb and to wear throughout the day. One of the inserts Valgus Pro is located between the modified and the second toe, while the other protects itself and the cone from rubbing shoes. Thus, regular treatment Valgus pro reduces the load on the deformed joint of the foot, the big toe is in the correct position and eliminated the pain.

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Long-term treatment of Valgus plus in adults and children contributes to the fact that there is a pulling of the ligaments of the thumb and restore its physiological location.

Rules for the use of

Instruction manual Valgus Pro points to several stages which need attention before you start treatment with this clip. These include:

  1. The locking pin must be closely fit to the thumb, but not to cause discomfort.
  2. It is important to conduct testing in a training walk. This can be done at home or outside.

Valgus Pro has the following advantages:

  • Valgus plus securely locks Paley big foot and gradually reduces its curvature
  • Does not cause allergic reactions, as this retainer is created from hypoallergenic silicone. This property is especially important for children.
  • This fixture is tight to the stop, but it does not RUB and does not injure the skin in the areathumb.
  • Treatment of Valgus pro allows you to get rid of corns and calluses, and reduce pain.
  • This clip is not uncomfortable when wearing shoes.
  • Improves blood circulation and restores muscle tone.
  • The treatment gives the result in two weeks. The children the effect comes much sooner.

Valgus pro can be purchased via the online store or in the pharmacy network. Buying the brace at the pharmacy, to verify its authenticity and ask for a certificate. However, there is a risk to buy one of the cheap ones. To find a quality the original, it may take a long time. Online store is a better option. On the official website to buy original fixture Valgus pro at an affordable price and read customer reviews.

The most common locking mechanism is a Valgus Plus company medikus. His price is 1000 rubles. Scammers often overstate the value of this tool and ask about 2000 rubles per pack. Therefore, when ordering on the Internet is to make payment only after receipt of the product and its careful study. Such difficulties lead to negative customer reviews.

Thus, the treatment of Valgus pro is an effective means of dealing with valgus deformity of the big toe, especially on the initial stages and helps to get rid of the pain syndrome in both adults and children.

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Julia, 31 years:

For a long time I did not wear high-heeled shoes and didn't buy open shoes, because she was afraid to show my ugly feet. At Institute on the big toes appeared growths that looked unsightly and occasionally sick. On Valgus pro I came across on the Internet. Decided to buy and started to use. After two months of regular use lump is gone completely, and the sole acquired its natural shape.

Valentina, 63 years:

Over bumps big toe I had to wear only men's shoes of larger size, because the friction of bone on the foot on the fabric brought a lot of pain. Gradually appeared limp, moving was very difficult. Familiar advised Valgus pro, and I feel like I'm alive. The pain decreased significantly bunions. Now I can wear women's shoes your size and feel comfortable. The price is a bit high, but it's worth it.

Eugene S., a podiatrist:

I am often approached by patients with complaints of pain in the areaof the big toe. In addition to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs I always recommend regular wearing Valgus plus from the company the Medicus. It is an adjunct to the treatment of valgus deformation of the big toe, especially at the early stage.

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