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Risks and possible treatment of the symptoms of cryptorchidism, the likelihood of a successful fatherhood

From: Magomedrasul

Hello. Suffer from cryptorchidism since childhood, I had surgery. The egg was small, doctors said, his form will return. After a month, 2 testicle was again on the spot. What to do? Is this dangerous for the future of the family? Needless to do the operation? What can you say about this? Thank you.

Answer: "Hello, Magomedrasul! Neotominae the eggs need to remove, because it can degenerate into a cancer. It still will not function normally and produce viable sperm, and the risk of degeneration of high. One testicle is able to ensure the normal development and the ability to reproduce offspring. You need to undergo a semen analysis to verify this. I wish you health".