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Causes of discomfort and incomplete emptying of the bladder in older men

From: Olga
Subject: TURP Surgery

Hello! My father (68 years old) in 2015, the operation was conducted on the prostate gland. All was well, but recently started to feel discomfort (bladder was not fully emptied). He passed the examination. Here's an excerpt: At the time of inspection diffuse changes of the prostate gland, a large number of residual urine, the bladder is not erogenous? Prostate of 51.66 mm, the boundary is fuzzy, relatively smooth, inhomogeneous structure in the bladder juts out. The bladder is rounded. Good filling to 5 mm, all over smooth. The amount of urine — 215 ml after urination — 95 ml. please Tell me why the bladder is not completely emptied? Thank you!

Answer: "Hello, Olga! Urinary disorders associated with prostate disease (probably adenoma). You need to perform a PSA and to contact the urologist. I wish you health".