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Causes of low sperm in the seminal fluid after surgery for varicocele

From: Timur
Topic: Varicocele

Hello. I am 33 years old. Got married 2 years ago, but still are unable to become parents. Was diagnosed with varicocele", 2.5 months ago was operated. Before the surgery my sperm count was sperm count in 1 ml 122-155 million, actively motile — 30 to 37%. 2 months after the operation indicators of the terribly lowered to 55-60 million in 1 ml, and 5% actively motile. Two times in different places, was tested. I can't understand why this is happening, say, after surgery, should be very different. Waiting for your reply. Thank you.

Answer: "Hello, Timur! Need to see the ultrasound of the scrotum with Doppler. Sometimes there is recurrence of varicocele. In addition, the recovery of spermatogenesis occurs within 3 months. Repeat the analysis with MAR-test in a month. I wish you health".