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From: Sergey
Subject: erectile dysfunction

Dear Igor Tadeushevich! I want to share my problem. I'm 54 years old. The last ten years have not had a regular and stable sex. Partner was rare. Used to relieve the tension by masturbating while watching videos of the respective content. Reduce potency and ejaculation disorders were not observed.
Recently appeared regular female partner (we plan to start a family). The problems started. Sexual attraction is present. The potency is also great. But I can not ejaculate during the sexual act. Time is from 15 min. or more. Psychologically then the erection falls. 2-3 min. after the next "prelude" potency restored and I am again ready, but "coming" for quite some time again. The partner asks questions. I'm freaking out. The result is no erection.
Tried again to masturbate. Ejaculation is manifested in time and abundantly.
What to do? Will help pills to enhance erection? I really hope for your advice and recommendations.
Sincerely, Sergey.

Answer: "Hello, Sergey! Your problem is likely tied to habitual Masturbation and addictive to a certain kind of stimulation that You get during intercourse. I to solve this problem, we have created a special technique. Will be able to find it in search engines for the title of "Author's method of getting rid of the shortness of ejaculation". If necessary, refer to the sexologist. I wish you health".