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The use of drugs or nutritional supplements for weight gain

From: Maksim
Topic: Want to get better

Good evening! I am 23, and I am always trying to gain weight. Eat, drink vitamins and was on the pill from worms, etc., but the results did not notice. Do You think that will help to achieve my goal to get better?

Answer: "Hello, Maksim! Underweight is associated with different causes. Matters and heredity: if the family You have some "thin people", that become the volume will be problematic. Important and calories: it is necessary not just to eat, and to eat food that will give the right amount of calories. This will tell You a dietician, will come up with a menu. Moreover, it is important to observe calorie consumption, when they should be more than consumption. Universal recommendations. You need to apply for examination by the gastroenterologist, the endocrinologist. I wish you health".