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Diagnosis, risks and opportunities of the self-treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia

From: Igor
Subject: Adenoma

Hello, Igor Tadeushevich! The diagnosis of adenoma. Visit physicians are not possible. Live in the village, disabled... Have to self-medicate. Candle Diclofenac put yourself constantly because of the diseases of joints and spine. The last time there was too frequent urination both day and night. Please advise how to be. Navypisyval on the website a bunch of candles for treatment, and where to start, don't know. No pain. Thank you!

Answer: "Hello, Igor! Who You put this diagnosis? Based on what research? Treatment of adenoma can be conservative and operative. Need to see the results of ultrasound of the prostate with residual urine, the DOG. You can then think about treatment. I wish you health".