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What foods can improve potency in men

Quality food – the way to the heart of every man. The validity of this phrase confirms you not only a nutritionist, but a therapist. The food, chosen in the correct combinations, allow not only to diversify the family table. Some of them improve the potency of men and are used to increase the content in blood of testosterone.

Products that increase potency in men, has long been known, so one can only recall the ancient science of cooking a love of food.

About what foods increase the potency, and will be discussed. However, I would just list them, and to help understand why this is happening. So that the knowledge of certain rules allowed us to go from learning unnecessary details.

Overall health

Is there a single diet for men? Products that increase potency in men, can affect various organs and systems, without which the normal sex would be impossible. What kind of system it?

Circulatory system

The most sensitive sexual area to the condition of the heart and blood vessels. The accumulation of plaques on the walls of blood vessels in atherosclerosis, the differential pressure hypertension and hypotension, heart problems cause a lot of problems to men during intimacy. Therefore, a diet that promotes the health of the male cardiovascular system and contributes to the increased potency. Best food and best products for this purpose – fish and seafood, red and green tea, tonic tea with ginseng or rosewort.

The endocrine system

As you know, the diet allows to normalize the level of male hormones in the male body. Therefore, products that increase the potency, may contain the essential for testosterone production material. For example, a diet that includes celery, spinach.

Nervous system

Fatigue, stress, competition at work, children's fears and other external factors significantly reduce men's sexual activity. But there are products that increase the potency, food that acts on the nervous system, calming or exciting. These include spices, aromatic oils, spices, almonds, tea with ginger or cardamom.

Digestive system

Overeating, chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines are always on the potency negatively. Quality food is much more important than a hearty and rich. Sufficient fiber in the diet, green tea to support the liver, nuts and honey to improve potency – an excellent way to preserve men's health.

Food which contains a lot of antioxidants, also positively influences mens force. This is due to the favorable complex effect on the body, preventingit aging. Pumpkin juice, carrots, honey, green tea, fruits, nuts, which contain large amounts of vitamins, is also products to increase potency.

Proper nutrition

Most experts recommend that men med to increase potency. However, I must say that it is in the required quantities can only those who have no allergies to this product. Its useful properties are known oregano, and a sweet dish containing nuts, herbal tea with honey – known male aphrodisiac.

The second component of the mixture is designed to increase virility, nuts and seeds. Food for men should contain the most useful of these – walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts (ground nuts), almonds, pistachios, pumpkin and sunflower seeds (sprouted is recommended). Orekhovo-honey mixture you need to eat 2-3 hours before bedtime. Well to add a bit of prunes.

Prunes and dates – the fruit, are very useful to increase male potency, regulates the level of the testosterone. For this to occur, natural fruits and vegetables (especially turnips, carrots, watermelons), improves peristalsis and contain the necessary to improve male potency vitamins, you need to enteredname. To preserve health and strength, include in your daily diet:

  • mango;
  • bananas;
  • avocado;
  • green, red or herbal tea;
  • black tea with cardamom.

Useful for improving the potency of fresh herbs, onions and garlic. They are able to lead to higher levels of testosterone, to improve the condition of blood vessels. Food containing large amounts of garlic, onions, parsley, spinach or celery is a great tool to improve the health of the male body and enhance erection. Special garlic tincture, which is taken daily with milk or yogurt, and a salad with eggs and onion – a popular means stronger erections and positively affect testosterone levels.

Meat, fish and eggs are also products that increase the potency. The high protein content in them stimulates the production of sperm, and cholesterol is involved in the regulation of testosterone levels. However, should not be abused chicken eggs – it is recommended to eat no more than 3-4 units a week. Quail eggs to eat every day in the amount of two pieces.

The most useful varieties of fish that are recommended to use regularly males are mackerel and flounder. It is important to know what seafood is most useful in cooked form.

Among the useful products that can improve male libido are:

  • cheese;
  • cheese;
  • white cheeses;
  • sour cream;
  • sour.

To improve palatability it is recommended to eat with dill, cilantro,cumin or fennel that stimulate the production of testosterone. Cheese diet does not include cheese, it is supplemented by green tea.

Individual diet

Curiously, many of these products that affect the increase in male potency, as well as nuts, fruits and spices is the diet that has long been used in southern countries. And they are famous for these men, as well as centenarians. These countries have a culture of eating: food of their inhabitants consists of light products, not enable men to gain weight, and maintain healthy levels of testosterone in their body.

The habit of eating often and little is in any case useful. The Mediterranean diet is a selection of cheeses, olives, fruits and boiled vegetables, and also refined Oriental diet full of spices, green tea with ginger, nuts and honey as a sweet food... This food is a great way to keep male health and enhance erections and provide increased potency.