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Why beer lovers should think about the potency?

The stomach, which the man proudly sticks out over the Trouser belt, and gently covered with shirt or t-shirt. It's funny, if I do not carry such dire consequences. Amid the passions of craft beer from malt and hops greatly enhanced appetite and reduced physical activity. The result is an imbalance of metabolic processes and the emergence of a layer of fat instead of the usual elastic press. Habit to abuse beer affects the elasticity of the other body, who is the embodiment of male strength and dignity.

Reducing the potency of the avid fans of beer natural. This is because due to the presence of components of the beverage specific active ingredients hormonal changes of the male body. It contains both male and female hormones, which normally are in a state of balance. Excessive consumption of any of the Beers in fatty deposits in the abdomen, the process of rebirth of testosterone in inherent in the female body estrogen. And then the process increases, and an admirer of intoxicating drink to notice the growth of deposits on the abdomen, buttocks and even growth of the breast.

Pouring another mug, it is worth considering whether you need to change the potency for a glass of foam?

Of course, some can just smile and enjoy this manifestation of the external solidity of the figure. Others will begin to think about what comes next and to remember some not very pleasant moments from the recent past. In most cases, it failures and failures on the sexual front. The reason for this is the excessive fascination with beer feasts. However, it is not necessary to perceive a situation with reduced potency as a sentence. It's not so bad if you start to take care of your health.