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Which can be useful for potency men and that is harmful?

Most often men wonder about what is good for potency, and only then, when faced with a problem face to face. Will try a closer look at the harmful effects of diseases, eating habits, favorite cigarettes and of lifestyle in General to this important for every man function.

Chronic disease

Most chronic diseases has a negative impact on virility. Especially harmful are those diseases that affect the endocrine system and the organs located inside the pelvis.


Despite the fact that most doctors on the issue of the impact of hemorrhoids on the potency answers in the negative, you need to understand that this question does not lie in the field of medical knowledge, but rather could be considered psychologists. Although this is not true: in the later stages the hemorrhoids brings a lot of discomfort during sex, reducing the erection and gradually killing the desire of man to reach. This is due to the need to strain the muscles of the perineum and groin areas.

The presence of significant bumps in the later stages of the disease always affects the male power, so those men who care about the preservation of potency, it is better not to run hemorrhoids and start treatment in the early stages.


An inflammatory disease, it is always harmful for erection. However, one should not assume that such a diagnosis is a sentence. Most pronounced negative impact of prostatitis on the potency, when the disease has become chronic. In this case, there is stagnation of blood and scarring, which reduces the speed of nerve impulses, worsening erectile function in men.

However, the prostate is also the place where the formation of the active 5-alpha-dihydrotestosterone. There are also suggestions that it is actively involved in the synthesis of male sex hormones. Regardless of whether the prostatitis on the potency is important to understand that prostate health is a way to preserve male power at any age.


The impact of diabetes on the potency – have long known medical fact. There is even a statistic that one in four men with this diagnosis has severe problems with potency. This is understandable, as diabetes has a complex negative effect on the body and can not affect the sexual function of men.

The most obvious reasons:

  1. Disruption of blood vessels. Particularly affected small vessels, and are responsible for adequate filling with blood the penis for a normal erection in men.
  2. Impact on hormonal balance. As an endocrine diseasesystem, diabetes significantly reduces the level of testosterone in the blood of men, hence male power. It is important to understand that testosterone is involved in the regulation of blood sugar level, so often for diabetes successfully used its products.
  3. Nutrition of the brain. This is another reason that may cause reduced potency, in particular, sexual desire in men.


This disease can occur in men of any age and is characterized by dilatation in the region of the spermatic cord and testicles. To the question about whether a varicocele on the potency, the experts answer in the negative. It is believed that if such a diagnosis is reduced erection, then one should look for underlying diseases or psychological causes. However, if untreated this disease leads to male infertility, so it is advised to start treatment in the early stages.

Eating habits and lifestyle

Many habits characteristic of the stronger sex, have an ambiguous effect on the potency of men. And if cigarettes do cause harm, then, for example, supporters and opponents of the beer or coffee are still arguing what is the effect of beer on the potency and is there any benefit from drinking coffee at night. Talk about the impact of different habits on male potency.

Beer battles

It is believed that high-quality beer in moderate doses has no adverse effect on erection, and its usefulness consists in the content of vitamins, minerals and potassium. Recommended drinking one liter of beer a day 2-3 times a week to use not passed to harm.

We should not forget about the high content in beer precursors of female hormones reduces the potency, and the fact that the synthetic additives found in low-quality beer, worsen blood circulation. Harmful also early exposure boys to this drink, which often leads to a decrease in erectile function have 15 years.

Coffee passion

Disputes and how coffee affects the potency, do not stop until now. This is not surprising because of its tonic properties are well known. The aroma of coffee is a recognized aphrodisiac. In General, the influence of coffee for body of men individually, 1-2 cups per day is not harmful for potency.


There is evidence that a timely renunciation of the habit of cigarette Smoking can restore erection. Nicotine worsens the condition of blood vessels, leading to heart attack and stroke, the forerunner of which is erectile dysfunction. Quitting Smoking is a definite benefit to erection and health.

Garlic and honey

Among the useful stimulants – garlic and honey. The sharp taste of garlicimproves erection and the main benefit of honey is that it stimulates the circulatory system, normalizes metabolism. The use of garlic to improve the potency is rooted in the mists of time. Extracts of garlic in combination with honey has always been considered the elixir of male power.


Despite the contents in this plant estrogens, the effect of mint on the potency can not be called negative. A much more pronounced benefit from the use of this plant as sedative in stressful situations. An exception is the prolonged use of concentrated medications that are sometimes assigned to women to increase estrogen levels.

Special sports nutrition

Gainer, whose main task – build muscle and increase endurance, usually composed of carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins, not a threat to male power. However, this does not mean that all manufacturers of dietary supplements do not use hormonal drugs. Before you start taking a weight gainer, you need to carefully read the composition and recommended doses.


Modern scientists have radically redefined the question about whether Masturbation on potency. Infrequent Masturbation in the absence of a regular sexual partner do not cause any damage to erection. However, the habit to meet their own needs "manual" method can lead young men to psychological problems associated with penetrative sex. In this case, the benefits of Masturbation is highly questionable.