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The rapid increase potency at home

How to increase the potency at home, whether there are methods of self-improve erections? One of the most common problems in men, especially older, is low potency. Quickly increase its "promises" and the recovery is in a short time and forever, but it is much faster to enhance the potency can without resorting to dietary supplements and medical drugs.

мужчина сидит на кровати и держит голову в руках

For reference. A little less than half a century ago, men were making love more often. Currently, the statistics are sad, and this is due to unsustainable modern way of life, a large number of chronic diseases and stress factors.

What can help?

Quick recovery at home potency in men is a reality, nothing insoluble in this issue no. Doctors advise to lead normal lives, to experience more positive emotions, to avoid fatigue and unnecessary stress. It is also an excellent stimulant of male potency are aphrodisiacs, or foods that will help to enhance blood flow to the penis and increase the desire. So you can briefly answer the question: how to increase the potency at home?

Increase potency can also be achieved with the help of exercise, running or other sport, but much more effective will be special exercises that will be able to raise potency in men at home relatively quickly.

The main methods of increasing potency:

  • popular recipes;
  • proper nutrition;
  • psychological support of a partner;
  • exercise.


Coffee natural without supplements are the easiest way to improve libido in men and improve the quality of intimate life. It is important to pay attention to the word "natural" and do not overdo cups – one will benefit. If you drink two, then they may not the best way to have an impact on General health: cause of gastrointestinal disorders and malfunction of the heart. In this case, it can only increase the pressure.

Life-giving infusions

Very useful tincture of ginseng and Eleutherococcus, if it is necessary to improve potency. Drink infusions of courses: 1 drop in the 1st day, the second – 2 drops, etc. (up to 28 drops), dissolving in a glass of water for 28 days. Repeat every 3 months, these courses should be long. Ginseng and Siberian ginseng is contraindicated in those with high blood pressure, and men with severe diseases of the cardiovascular system.


When therapy at home pay special attention to the contrast baths: contrast water helps to improve virility and improve the overallhealth. 2 basin with cold and hot water sit for a time (30 seconds for each dip) for 15-20 minutes. Treatment need a course in 2 weeks 1 every 3 months.

Bath with "Lavrushka", relaxing before going to sleep. Brewing a dry leaf of Laurel, pour the infusion into the bath and soak in it for 20-30 minutes before bedtime.


Enhance the potency with a properly planned menu: healthy food and snacks great help to increase the male libido. To focus better on seafood and protein (eggs, meat and fish).

As a side dish suitable recipes based on legumes, seeds (especially pumpkin). Herbs-stimulants – celery, parsley, – chopped fresh vegetables, seasoned with olive oil.

That is at the heart of sexual impotence therapy?

The potency and physical education do not exist separately from each other – simple exercises developed by experts, great help in enhancing sexual power of males at any age and quickly. Violaceum blood circulation in the pelvis, and thereby allowing a good erection.

Exercise options:

  • Front step.
  • Muscles of potency. A very important exercise to enhance erectile functions. Lie on the floor, legs spread apart and bent at the knees. Need to rhythmically stretch and relax the muscle between testicles and anus (the perineum), but keep your buttocks relaxed.
  • To keep the stone. Stand like the foot – stone. To strain leg muscles.
  • Skipping. Imitation of running in place (waves);
  • Arch. Lower and raise the pelvic area off the floor, lying back on the floor.
  • "Sucker". The essence of the exercise is to try to "stick" with the muscles located between testicles and anus, relax. Repeat several times. Buttocks while do not strain.

A set of exercises for the restoration of male power is designed for a gradual increase in load is not necessary in the beginning to do more than 10 repetitions. Regular physical activity for a long time will help to improve the erectile abilities.

Psychological support

In the treatment of any sexual problems is very important to the understanding and psychological support for women. Even if there was a "misfire", not offended pout, and it is important to support your man, try together to find the cause of the failure and eliminate it.

Understanding and respect are the key to a long and happy sex life.

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