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How Smoking and alcohol affect the potency: correlation of nicotine and alcohol

How Smoking affects the potency? Think about it man, burning another cigarette? Of course not. Although the presence of harmful habits (alcohol, cigarettes, drugs) has his on the most vulnerable – the intimate sphere. In addition, most men claim that "under the weather" (beer and other alcohol) or smoke, they are ready to repeat the 13th labor of Hercules. This is far from the truth, but only in the beginning.

Since, as the number of cigarettes smoked and glasses of beer, or other alcohol of dubious origin exceeded the norm, the most interesting part begins slowing all physiological processes in men. The result is a complete failure in bed, repeating again and again, even after rejection of bad habits.

Nicotine the penis is not a friend!

Smoking and the potency of men incompatible in any way. Nicotine is one of the most harmful chemical compounds into the lungs of men when tightened. In addition to the negative impact on blood vessels and organs in General, it adversely affects the potency, firmly spazmiruet the microvessels of the penis. The restoration of current in the subsequent almost impossible.

What happens in the body of men after tightening:

  • the change in the quality of sperm;
  • suppression of testosterone levels;
  • vascular disorders.

The effect of Smoking on potency, as well as the admission of any type of alcohol (beer, wine, moonshine), develops in stages. Nicotine gradually "steals" oxygen from cells, leading to oxygen starvation and deterioration of the vessels.

As a result, blood pressure in male sexual organ for the developing of atherosclerosis has been steadily falling, which opens a direct way to impotence. Do not think that these changes will start immediately after the first puff or shot glasses: vascular disorders develop over decades and will manifest itself "in all its glory by the age of 30-40. The restoration of the normal physiology of the penis is problematic.

The composition of cigarette smoke

All tobacco smoke contains approximately 5 thousand himsoedineny, and the negative impact of Smoking on potency is felt from 60 toxic compounds (ammonia, hydrocyanic acid, toxicwaste and organic acids). Details about the harm of these components of the tobacco producers are not informed, limited to the well-known phrase about the effects of Smoking.

Smoking and drugs are together, the dependence on them develops almost immediately and for life. Even the many warnings and "horror stories" about how to interact Smoking and potency, have failed.

Nicotine and fertility

In healthy men spermatozoa recovered for 3 months, but when smoked they are destroyed, their activityis significantly reduced. That is why the experts on the question, does Smoking on potency, the answer is always! When Smoking cigarettes lowers the amount of androgens, which directly affect the potency of men.

And if a man once thought, does Smoking on potency, noting typical changes of sexual power, but it smokes for many years, do not think that the restoration of potency will occur instantly, subject to quitting cigarettes.

Need a lot of time and money to return sexual function to normal, and in severe cases it is, unfortunately, not be done so easily.

When male power is sinking in the glass

Reasons that weaken the potency, a lot, but more inconsistent alcohol and potency! Sorry, no meal, meal or friendly gatherings is not complete without beer, vodka or glass of wine. Even sporting events men accompany copious alcoholic libations. And none of them at such moments, not thinking of the harm caused to the health due to natural immaturity. But when the question rises an edge, the recovery of sexual power does not remain neither time, nor health.

How alcohol affects the potency:

  • 50 grams of vodka or 1 glass of wine make sexual intercourse relaxed;
  • 150 grams of vodka or 2 glasses of wine: even stimulation erection sometimes does not produce tangible results;
  • more than 200 grams of vodka or a bottle of wine: erection practically absent; if a man is able to "wobble", that ejaculation may occur spontaneously or, alternatively, to stay long.

It is therefore important to control the dose of alcohol, not to bitterly regret the misfires. Drinking alcohol and Smoking are generally not recommended by specialists to achieve a young man 25 years of age. Teenage temper coupled with a beer or other alcohol is detrimental to further formation of the character of men.

"Magic" on his head

Does beer on the potency? Somehow, advertising a "magic" beer (beer), manufacturers do not indicate that it contains large amounts of phytoestrogens. And these chemicals composition close to female hormones, which, when systematic ingested men lead to changes at the DNA level.

In the end, the body itself begins to produce phytoestrogens, the quantity of testosterone steadily declines, apparently a man begins to develop on the female type. There are "beer belly", the fat deposits on the sides and in the Breasts, tone of voice changing, expanding pelvis. In addition, beer is not only able to reduce the potency, but to make a man completely infertile.

Even after the rejection of beerto restore a male appearance, inherent nature, will not be easy. Beer, acting man, does his magic on his head" and incapable of showing manhood.

"Bad habits" of germ cells

Many men think that their sex cells also smoke and drink with them. "Drunk" sperm is able to Wake up after the master's libations only on the third day and the fertility of sperm in smokers is almost 2 times lower than in non-smokers. That is why men tend to Smoking and "taking on the chest" there is a high probability to remain not only potency, but also without offspring.

The policy of "12 – giving up bad habits

Recovery of potency is possible after the complete rejection of bad habits. In the end, the stable tone of the penis can be observed after 5-6 months. Of course, only in the case if the experience of smokers and drinkers" is almost a lifetime.

It should be remembered that sexual power and bad habits – things for men absolutely incompatible and unacceptable. And you should always choose to get pleasure from primitive or enjoy life fully!