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Symptoms and treatment of varicocele in men

Varicose veins of the spermatic cord in men in medicine is called one short word – varicocele. This condition is not life-threatening men, but the consequences of the disease can lead to complications such as infertility. Let us consider in detail the causes of the varicocele in men, its symptoms and treatment.

инфограма варикоцеле на ранних стадиях

What factors influence the occurrence of disease?

The development of varicose veins Lutovinovo botryoidal plexus that surrounds the spermatic cord and testicles in men, contribute to a number of reasons. The mechanism of development of pathology in many ways similar to varicose veins of the lower extremities, and often in men can be present and varicocele, and varicose veins of the legs.

For anybody not a secret that the arteries supply the organs and systems of the blood, rich in oxygen, and veins take over the transport of carbon dioxide. To prevent the flow of blood in the opposite direction, nature has provided vessels valves. But there are certain reasons that can affect the flow of blood through the vessels to form it from stagnating and cause the signs and symptoms of varicocele, as well as the disease itself.

Permanent ischemia (lack of oxygen) reduces the function of the testicles, affecting sperm production, the male hormones and leads to a gradual destruction of the testicles. These reason and cause infertility.

What can affect the malfunction of the venous valves? The reasons for this pathology commonplace and occur quite often:

  • Heredity – the genetic predisposition to the disease in relatives, you can see the varicose veins.
  • Congenital malformations of the valves of the vessels.
  • The weakness of the venous wall (distinguish effects caused by the abuse of alcohol, Smoking and drugs, and among them a weakness).
  • Anatomical features – a varicocele can occur when pinching of the left renal vein in automaterialen the tweezers.
  • Reduction of the lumen of the veins, caused by various pathological processes.
  • The formation of malignant or benign tumors in the retroperitoneum or pelvic organs.
  • Stagnation of blood in the veins ‒ it can also cause BPH and chronic constipation, and heavy lifting and even prolonged cough.

This is all predisposing factors, and not always in the presence of such changes occurring with varicocele. Reverent attitude to their health, timely treatment of predisposing pathologies and the rejection of bad habits will push the development of varicocele for a long time, and in some caseswill allow you to avoid it altogether.

If the man discovered the first symptoms of varicocele, consult a doctor immediate need: the disease itself does not pass, and the consequences of neglect of their health can be disastrous.

Characteristic manifestations

Varicose veins of the testes does not appear suddenly, but develops gradually, passing from one stage to another. If at the initial stages of the disease the symptoms are almost invisible, at a later signs of varicocele visible to the naked eye. Most often, the pathological changes appear without any symptoms, and only a small percentage of men there are discomfort and soreness. This primarily depends on stages:

  1. The first stage. Signs of varicocele in the first stage, are not visible, and the disease is detected only with targeted research. For this purpose, ultrasound and Doppler.
  2. The second stage. At this stage of the development of painful varicocele have no symptoms, but can be felt a feeling of discomfort and heaviness. Dilated veins Lutovinovo plexus felt on palpation in the standing and during the Valsalva test. Some experts believe that the treatment of varicose veins of the testicles on the first two stages involves conservative therapy.
  3. The third stage. Varicocele is not only detected by palpation, regardless of the position of the body, but is determined visually. Some men have pain during movement. Since this stage, treatment of the disease occurs only surgically.
  4. The fourth stage. All the signs and symptoms of the disease are pronounced. Pain does not depend upon motion or rest. The scrotum loses symmetry due to the reduction in size of the testicles and omission.

Features of therapy

Here the experts disagree. Some doctors believe that the treatment of varicose veins of the testes must be surgically and the other part suggests that in the initial stages of varicocele surgical intervention can be avoided. For conservative treatment to offer to wear a jockstrap (light dressing) or tight swimming trunks and regular visits with a specialist. In addition, treatment directed at restoring normal circulation to the reproductive organs.

However, all experts agree that surgical treatment is necessary in such cases:

  • Expressed painful symptoms.
  • The semen clearly show a decrease in motility, number and quality of sperm.
  • Stop the growth of the testicles during puberty.
  • Cosmetic defect.
  • The third andfourth degree varicocele.
  • Signs of malnutrition if atrophy of the testicles.

No need to look for healers or try to cure varicocele folk remedies, treatment of disease should take place only under medical supervision. Otherwise, the damage will be greater than the benefit, and the consequences can be devastating. In any case, the choice of treatment is up to you, but to approach it with all responsibility.