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What factors lead to reduced potency and what to do to the man?

Violation of potency have about 40% of men. This prevalence of sedentary lifestyle, workload and, of course, deteriorating environmental conditions, resulting in the development of violation of erectile function. Causes of reduced potency are different factors. Consider the most common.

мужчина и женщина сидят в кровати

Why is this happening?

The causes of the reduced potency can be divided into three groups:

  • physiological state (e.g., old age);
  • irregularities in the internal organs;
  • psychological problems.

Not all cases need to worry, when no erection or weak. This can be caused by factors that can be eliminated. For example, in case of such conditions violation of potency is not dangerous:

  1. Potency depends on hereditary factors and can be reduced initially. Relaxed type of sexual behavior cannot be dramatically changed. Every man has a certain level of libido and strength of your morning erections. If she was non-durable, without the use of stimulants to increase her hard.
  2. Low level of physical fitness and lack of confidence in their abilities can also be the cause of the reduction in the duration of sexual intercourse.
  3. After suffering stress or because of the lability of the nervous system experiences can interfere with the focus on the process and morning erection may be absent. But this reason is also easily disposable.
  4. Potency often depends on the failures in sex in the past and fear of repeating it. It's a proven fact that men married ten times more likely to have sex.
  5. Lack of sleep, heavy workload and the associated constant tension are also cause erectile dysfunction. Interestingly, men engaged primarily in physical labor, have a high level of potency.

Negative factors or When you need to start treatment

Allocate a condition in which a decrease in erectile function indicates a serious problem. Then you need to contact your doctor and get treatment to eliminate the violation.

Psychological problems

In most cases, flaccid erection develops due to psychological problems: depression, neurosis, chronic stress. The level of libido depends on the state of the nervous system. Men with such problems has high chances to bring its condition back to normal and for a long time to say goodbye to the problem of weak potency.

Cardiovascular disease

So that the appearance of erection is ensured by the filling of the vessels of the penisblood, natural is the role of the heart and blood vessels in this process. Problems in the cardiovascular system lead to difficulties during exercise, which causes weakening of erection.

In time the therapy and appointment of the permanent administration of drugs to maintain a normal General condition can restore potency. For this pathology the healing process is prolonged and requires constant medical monitoring.


In obesity there is a loss of blood vessels, which causes decreased production of male hormones. Reduces morning erections. The problem of obesity combines two of the diseases listed above.

Overweight almost inevitably leads to the development of secondary diabetes. In such a situation every man has to decide what kind of lifestyle he chooses, exercise and healthy body or the use of alcohol, Smoking and a lot of diseases that accompany them.

Hormonal disorders

Hormones play an important role in maintaining morning erections and libido. Therefore, the disease, accompanied by violation of hormone, can cause problems with potency or situation when it does not. An example of such a condition may be diabetes. Many studies prove that the decline in blood sugar leads to the restoration of erection.


Constant or prolonged contact with mobile devices affect the composition of sperm and its quantity. There is no reliable evidence that cell phone reduces erectile function, but it is better to reduce the time to a minimum. It is undesirable to carry the phone in a pants pocket or on the belt: it's too close to the genitals.


Bad habits, especially daily drinking beer and Smoking reduce sexual desire. What can be said about small portions of wine. Positively on the blood vessels of the body and the penis in particular is affected by the wine in the amount of 100-150 g per day.

It is important to remember that everything should be in moderation. And eating habits, and alcohol consumption have a positive effect on a man, only if you stick to the "Golden mean". There are no such reasons for the weakening of potency, which cannot be eliminated. Remember that the causes of weak potency can be solved if you have the desire and willpower.